About Us

Blueflow Technologies AB is stationed in Stockholm, Sweden. Blueflow Technologies specializes in measurement, analysis, optimization and monitoring of fuel consumption. Blueflow was founded in April 2006. In 2010 the focus has shifted from the leisure marine market to the commercial market and not only boats. The Blueflow system is designed for boats, buses, trains, construction equipment, generators and cars. Blueflow Technologies AB is combining state of the art fuel measurement instruments used in heavy industy applications with cutting edge technology from the IT sector. Blueflow delivers a platform where companies can get control over their fuel consumption, find best routes and speeds for their vehicles, know when it is time to service engines, and much more. All this from simply using an onboard fuel display and an easy to use web interface to our centralized servers where fuel data, vehicle positions etc. are being logged. Blueflow AB is a swedish company based in Åkersberga, Sweden. www.blueflow.se/