Boliden secures its Swedish power supply

A new long-term partnership agreement with Skellefteå Kraft will enable Boliden to ensure that its electricity supply is secure until 2015. The agreement covers all of Boliden’s operations in Sweden, which account for around 40 per cent of the company’s total energy consumption.

This long-term agreement deepens the collaboration between Boliden and Skellefteå Kraft and enables both parties to work together to develop new electricity generation potential while striving to improve the efficiency of energy consumption at Boliden’s operating facilities. These operations consume around 1.2 TWh of electricity per year, which is almost 40 per cent of the company’s total electricity supply. “It is absolutely crucial that Boliden can ensure that its units have long-term access to an efficient energy supply,” says Boliden’s President, Jan Johansson. “We already enjoy an excellent partnership with Skellefteå Kraft, and will now be expanding and deepening our collaboration.” In accordance with its energy policy, Boliden is also investing actively in internal efforts to enhance energy efficiency by deploying energy management systems. The goal is for all Boliden’s operations to have deployed their energy management systems by the year 2008. The agreement with Skellefteå Kraft comes into force as of January 1, 2006 and applies up to and including December 31, 2015, after which it may be extended for 5 years at a time. -30- For more information, please contact: Jan Johansson, President and CEO, Boliden AB, tel: +46 (0)8 610 16 02, +46 (0)70 555 02 02 Ulf Söderström, Senior Vice President, Group Communications, Boliden AB, tel. +46 (0)8 610 15 57, +46 (0)70 618 95 95 Peter Pernlöf, Senior Vice President, Energy, Boliden AB, tel. +46 (0)8 61015 42, +46 (0)70 641 29 15

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Boliden is a metals company with a commitment to sustainable development. Our roots are Nordic, but our business is global. The company’s core competence is within the fields of exploration, mining, smelting and metals recycling. Boliden has approximately 5,700 employees and a turnover of SEK 50 billion. Its share is listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, segment Large Cap.


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