BöösEnblad AB owner of D. Carnegie & Co.

In connection with today’s official disclosure, BöösEnblad AB makes the following statement:

• D. Carnegie & Co. is basically a fine company, but has been placed in a challenging situation

• BöösEnblad AB intends to assume operational responsibility and provide financial support to D. Carnegie & Co., as well as working to restore confidence in the company

• The investment in D. Carnegie & Co. is long-term

“D. Carnegie & Co. has faced tough challenges in the past year,” says Patrik Enblad. “As active owners, we want to work to restore confidence in the company. In a short-term perspective, this involves ensuring that the operations can continue to be conducted as usual, that functioning control procedures are in place and that risks are restricted. In the longer term, we foresee favorable opportunities not only to restore confidence in the company, but also to recapture its position as the leading player in the Nordic financial market.”

BöösEnblad AB including its founders control a total of 7 200 513 shares in D. Carnegie & Co., corresponding to 9.18 percent of the votes and capital in the company. Accordingly, BöösEnblad AB is one of the largest owners in the company.

BöösEnblad AB

For further information, please contact:
Patrik Enblad, tel +46 (0)70 – 486 1777

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