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    Hyllie Boulevard 10B SE-215 32 Malmö
  • Johan Holmqvist

    Head of Investor Relations & Corporate Communications

    Hyllie Boulevard 10B SE-215 32 Malmö
    +46 708 37 66 77
  • Quotes

    We are very pleased to be able to offer Polarn O. Pyret’s products to our customers. The exclusive cooperation with Polarn O. Pyret is an important complement to our brand portfolio and it will strengthen our kid’s category on Boozt,com.
    Hermann Haraldsson, CEO of Boozt
    “Mads is an expert within the field of buying and merchandising and he has built a strong and quite unique data driven approach to buying and merchandising within the company combining the soft skills of fashion buying with hard big-data-driven merchandising. Mads has been a key player in bringing us to where we are today, so it is an absolute pleasure to hand over to him the full responsibility of all buying and merchandising at Boozt.”
    Henrik Theilbjørn, Chairman of the Board of Boozt
    Many of our customers have been asking when we would be ready to sell cosmetics on-line as it is a natural fit in the ‘on-line-department-store-experience', They have been waiting for us to launch so we are happy to finally be able to launch this new important category. Cosmetics is a good fit for us and we hope our customers will add cosmetics items to their basket and thus, increase their basket size. It will also give us a good opportunity to be in a more frequent dialogue with our customers due to the re-purchase pattern in beauty and cosmetics. We launched our physical Beauty by Boozt store in Roskilde, Denmark, earlier this year and we are enthusiastic to launch the beauty concept on-line.”
    Hermann Haraldsson, CEO of Boozt
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