Box Set Binge dedicated review site launched

A new review website has launched for the growing audience of 'Box Set Binge'rs'. The site will offer a portal for independent reviews of box sets and DVD series and provide a location for debate and discussion on the vast array of entertainment available in 'on demand' collections.


The site will review all major box sets available in the UK, with a quick review and a base line score. This will then be refered for discussion, and contributors offered the opportunity to provide their own reviews, comment and then series by series reviews. Up and coming series and live series will also be reviewed at timely interviews, to provide a repository of reviews and opinions.

Mark Carton, site producer commented:'Our consumption of television has changed forever. Our opportunity to view on deamnd has inspired the major broadcasters to deliver into our laps the products that allow us to watch a single programme continuously for hours, or selected viewing over a number of days or weeks. There is currently significant discussion around the health issues caused by the Box Set Binge, but we want to cater for those who enjoy bingeing, and at the end of a programme, feel the need to share their thoughts and review the experience. I have been an armchair critic for years, and the site just offers a simple outlet to share my views, and debate the merits and problems of the huge choice of box sets out there.'

The site hopes to grow an audience and become a genuine review site, encouraging people to provide their own comments and reviews, without providing spoliers, or ruining the experience of a box set for anyone else. 

Mark Carton concluded: 'We are starting with the most popular and frequently viewed box sets like The West Wing, The Wire, Homeland and 24, but will extend to cover the widest genre of box sets, and hope to discuss the nature of the box set, and what features of a box set, make it good for a binge.'

Mark Carton 

07891 851399


About Us

This is the public space for people who like to Binge on Box Sets, and then have a good old whinge. Love them or hate them, Box Sets have displaced the traditional television viewing habits of millions, and the Box Set creates a new environment. If you have invested a whole evening or even longer making your way through an on demand or DVD series, then you are entitled to let the world know what you think of it. We operate like a book club, but without the reading bit. You binge, you whinge. Let us know your views and if rate what you've watched and want others to know, then this is the place. We will publish all reviews which follow the moderator rules, and relish the chance to have a debate about whether a Box Set is a classic or a waste of your valuable bingeing time.



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