Elaine Paige Promotes Breast Awareness

Contact: Claire Learner or Emily Snelling, Breast Cancer Campaign 020 7749 4115 or press@breastcancercampaign.org Letters Editor By email 23 September 2009 Sir October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month which marks the fact that breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK with around 45,500 new cases every year and around 12,000 deaths. There is still an alarming lack of awareness about the signs of breast cancer, particularly in older women, who are most at risk (80 per cent of cases are in post-menopausal women). A survey carried out by Breast Cancer Campaign showed that only just over half of women check their breasts for changes once a month or more and over a quarter admit they check their breasts for changes only a few times a year or less. One in seven women never check their breasts at all. Having experienced breast cancer myself, I urge women to become familiar with how their breasts look and feel and understand how they may change at different times during the month, for example, when you’re having your period and as you get older. Take note of these five simple steps which could save your life; know what is normal for you, look and feel, know what changes to look for, attend breast screening if aged 50 or over and report any changes to your GP without delay. Remember the earlier the diagnosis, the better the chance of survival. On Friday 30 October, people all over the UK will wear it pink to raise money so that Breast Cancer Campaign can fund vital research, taking us a step closer to beating breast cancer. Join the many schools, colleges, businesses and individuals around the country by wearing something pink and donating £2. For further information and a fundraising pack go to www.wearitpink.co.uk Elaine Paige OBE, Breast Cancer Campaign Patron


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