Investor, Rausing and Carlyle new partners in Bredbandsbolaget

Investor, Rausing and Carlyle new partners in Bredbandsbolaget Bredbandsbolaget has new partners in Investor, companies affiliated with the Hans Rausing Family and The Carlyle Group. The injection of capital will first of all allow for a higher rate of expansion. Already today the goals are ambitious, one hundred thousand apartments with signed contracts at the end of this year and one million in the year 2000. "This is a confirmation of Sweden's lately more and more leading role in the Broad Band space. Apart from providing the right conditions for a higher rate of expansion in both Sweden and later on internationally, owners like these bring us new contacts and valuable competence", says Jonas Birgersson, Chairman of Bredbandsbolaget. "Initially we will offer Internet connection at a fixed rate of around 200 SEK per month. In the course of time we will be offering various add-on services of which some will be completely new. Entirely new types of services are made possible by the enormous increase in capacity", says Jan Nilsson, CEO of Bredbandsbolaget. The normal Internet user today has a modem that at best allows a transmission speed of 56 kbit/s. Bredbandsbolaget is offering 10 Mbit/s, in other words almost 200 times more capacity, enough for services like Video on Demand, transmitting and receiving radio and TV, local phone access, and naturally faster and entirely new kinds of Internet services. First in line for broadband connection are Lund, Malmö, Stockholm, Norrköping, Örebro and Gothenburg. For further information please contact: Jonas Birgersson, Chairman of Bredbandsbolaget, +46 46 286 33 03, Jan Nilsson, CEO of Bredbandsbolaget, +46 709 41 21 26, Internet: and Bredbandsbolaget's business concept is to give Swedish households access to broadband connections that can cope with the media and communication forms of both today and tomorrow, at minimum fixed cost. Bredbandsbolaget was formed in 1998 with Framtidsfabriken as the largest single owner. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: