Press Release - Invitation to Breakfast meeting

Press Release - Invitation to Breakfast meeting For immediate release. Stockholm, December 6, 2000 Bredbandsbolaget (B2 Bredband) emphasizes business focus on the back of strong operating performance and support from shareholders Operating Performance Bredbandsbolaget announces strong operating performance to October 31. Since August 31, - Contracted households increased from 228 000 to 259 000 - Households with property network installations increased from 26 800 to 67 400 - Installations ready for service increased from 26 800 to 41 700 - Signed subscribers increased from 4 300 to 12 000 Additional Funding With the capital it has already raised and the additional commitment of key major shareholders, Bredbandsbolaget has secured the necessary funding for the continued rollout of its strategy: - Cash and equivalents balance as of October 31 of approximately SEK 1.3 billion - SEK 4.6 billion ($460 million) vendor financing commitment from Cisco signed in August 2000 and effective since September 2000 - Capital investment from existing shareholders in August of SEK 924 million - Shareholders are committing additional capital Business Focus Bredbandsbolaget has, during October and November 2000, completed a strategic review of the business, which will lead to a concentration of resources on priority markets and products. Additionally, increasing penetration of already installed households and selling broadband services to small and medium-sized enterprises in areas close to residential installations will be emphasized, in order to optimize the company's return on invested capital. UMTS application Bredbandsbolaget together with France Telecom and Orange have applied for a UMTS license in Sweden through the consortium Orange Sverige AB. The license awards are expected to be released on December 16. New Chairman of the Board of Directors Jan Stenberg, Chief Executive Officer of SAS, was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors in November 2000. Jan Stenberg, Chairman of Bredbandsbolaget said: "I am impressed by the strong support of shareholders in this company and I have full confidence in the management and the people of Bredbandsbolaget. I believe the business focus that the company is now adopting is the right approach for the execution of its plan." Jan Morten Ruud, Chief Executive Officer of Bredbandsbolaget said: "We are pleased with the recent operating performance of the company. Bredbandsbolaget's business operations and activities are running according to plan". Further information will be communicated at a Breakfast meeting starting 9 am today at: Operaterassen, Stockholm Bredbandsbolaget will be represented by Jan Stenberg, Chairman of Bredbandsbolaget, and Jan Morten Ruud, Chief Executive Officer of Bredbandsbolaget. The call in number for the meeting is +46 8 562 137 38. For further information, please contact: Ulrika Andersson, Director of PR and Information, Bredbandsbolaget, Tel: +46-8-406 95 00, +46-733-81 99 02 About B2 Bredband AB ("Bredbandsbolaget") B2 Bredband AB is a leading broadband communications company providing 10 megabits per second, fiber-optic network access, and related broadband services primarily to residential as well as small- and medium-sized business customers. Bredbandsbolaget is currently rolling out an extensive fiber-optic network linking key metropolitan areas in Sweden and Norway. Within these metropolitan areas, B2 is extending fiber-optic networks to customers' buildings and switched Ethernet networks within customers' buildings. In cooperation with its content and service partners, including NTL, Framfab, and Cisco, B2 will be launching services such as IP television, video-on-demand and pay-as-you-use services. These will be offered through its specially designed interactive customer broadband interface, or portal. Bredbandsbolaget operates in Sweden and Norway and intends to expand the development of its network and service offers throughout Europe. Bredbandsbolaget was founded in 1998 and currently employs more than 300 persons, with its network installed in 67,400 homes as at October 31, 2000. NTL is the largest investor, with a 25% stake in the company. Other investors include Framfab, Intel, Investor, and the Carlyle Group. Website: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: