Businesses urged to smarten up to the mobile

With news that only 20 per cent of FTSE100 corporate websites don’t provide support for mobile devices, Coventry based mobile web developers Smart Web Apps are urging businesses to smarten up to the mobile web or lose out on the biggest changes to the Internet since it was born in very latter part of the 20thCentury.

The revealing figures come courtesy of a report from website governance and compliance regulators Magus and provide evidence of just how outdated many leading business’ websites really are.

Of those FTSE100 corporate sites that are optimised for mobile, 65 per cent have no device detection in place, meaning that their mobile content is effectively invisible to many users. In addition, the performance of the sites is hampered by poor usability, with sites averaging 4.25 serious mobile compliance issues per page.

As technology advances and people become busier, more and more web users are accessing websites on the go through their Smartphones, with 149 million smartphone devices being shipped to the UK in the last quarter of 2011 alone. However, when these websites are not optimised for the mobile web, important bits of text can go missing, adverts can disappear and users can quickly switch off when having to constantly zoom in and out, in order to display text.

With a mobile optimised website or Mobile Web app, everything is designed to fit perfectly onto the screen of a Smartphone meaning that nothing becomes lost in translation and you can target millions more customers on the move. Not only does this enhance performance for the end user but it also makes your business come across as more professional and up to date with the latest technologies. In fact, a mobile website could be the difference between you receiving hundreds of hits on your website per month and hundreds of hits per week.

De Marco Hunter Solicitors, who have offices in Coventry, Kenilworth and Leamington, is one of the early adopters of Mobile Web technology and already optimise their website for mobile with the help of Smart Web Apps. Sandra Garlick, Principal of the practice and Director of De Marco Family Law is already seeing the results.

De Marco Solicitors’ website generates a lot of new business.  With the increasing use of smart phones we knew that a Web App was the next step.  Smart Web Apps developed our mobile website quickly and efficiently. It incorporates all the important elements of our business, is simple to use and in keeping with our brand. We are already seeing the benefits with an increase in new enquiries.”

 Paul Wykes, Owner of Smart Web Apps added: “It is alarming to see how many of the UK’s top companies do not have a website optimised for mobile – just think of the potential business they are missing out on. It is a lot more convenient these days to view a website from a mobile whilst on the move so as smartphones become even more popular, businesses need to start thinking now about building up a mobile web presence.”

Paul Wykes, Smart Web Apps e-mail:  or call 02476 421785