Daifuku Group completes takeover of BHS specialist Logan Teleflex

MATERIALS handling giant Daifuku Co Ltd  has completed its takeover of leading baggage handling systems (BHS) specialist Logan Teleflex.

Logan Teleflex (UK) Ltd, along with Logan Teleflex (France) S.A. and USA-based Logan Teleflex, Inc have all become wholly owned subsidiaries within the Daifuku Group.

The move follows Daifuku’s announcement last year of its three-year business plan called ‘Material Handling and Beyond’ to position airport baggage handling as one of its core businesses, advancing into growth markets such as China, India and the Middle East. Daifuku already owns US-based subsidiary Jervis B. Webb Company, which provides airport baggage handling systems, mainly in North America.

Logan Teleflex provides advanced specialised products such as tilt tray sorters and the Intelligent Destination Coded Vehicle (IDCV) and has more than 400 installations in 80 countries around the world, mainly in Europe. Its tilt tray sorters are used for sorting departing and connecting flight baggage and  is essential technology to bolster the global baggage handling business and develop new markets in emerging countries. Logan Teleflex also has a joint venture in China, which has won orders for large scale projects and as a result the Daifuku Group expects to increase its business in the Chinese market.

Mike Jeffery, Managing Director of Logan Teleflex, said: “Daifuku’s reputation as a leading player in the global materials handling sector and strong commitment to expand its presence in the supply of Baggage Handling  systems will strengthen Logan Teleflex’s market position. Jervis B. Webb Company has already become an integral part of Daifuku in North America and Logan Teleflex has now completed another part of the Daifuku jigsaw. We look forward to playing a key role in increasing our role within the global baggage handling industry and developing opportunities in new markets.”

Last year Logan Teleflex won a major share of a huge baggage handling system to be installed in a new airport being built in Kunming, a city in the South West of China. Kunming Airport awarded the baggage handling system (BHS) project worth EURO30 million to Logan KSEC. Logan KSEC is a joint venture owned by Kunming Shipbuilding Equipment Company (KSEC) and Logan Teleflex. Spanning a total conveyor length of more than 10 km, the system is managed using BagStage software and has a 28 PLC-based control system. It includes 200 check-ins, 12 make-up carousels, and two large Logan Teleflex Tilt Tray Sorters measuring a total length of over 700 m. The system also includes 14 arrivals carousels.

Mr Jeffery added: “Part of Daifuku’s plan is to develop relationships in China where Logan Teleflex already has a strong presence through our joint venture, Logan KSEC. Having developed business relationships in the region already, we look forward to building these further with the backing of Daifuku.”


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