Ford and Volkswagen drivers top Good Garage Scheme survey

With austerity being the watchword of the moment, drivers of popular marques Ford and Volkswagen are increasingly turning to independent specialist garages, according to the UK-wide Good Garage Scheme.

They topped the latest ‘Top Marques’ searches carried out by visitors to the Good Garage Scheme website The survey aimed to highlight how many motorists of specific marques are looking to have their quality vehicles serviced by a specialist independent garage rather than taking it to a main dealer.

Motorists visiting the website can find their nearest Good Garage Scheme member and refine their searches to identify those who have expertise in specific makes of vehicle.

Over a recent three month period, a total of 39 different marques were searched by over 2700 motorists looking for a specialist independent garage.

Ford, Volkswagen and BMW were the most popular marques searched comprising over 35% of postcodes searches.

The Good Garage Scheme’s ‘Top Marques’ top 10 included:

  1. Ford
  2. Volkswagen
  3. BMW
  4. Vauxhall
  5. Mercedes
  6. Audi
  7. Jaguar
  8. Land Rover
  9. Citroen
  10. Toyota

Anndi Sheppard, Good Garage Scheme marketing manager, said: “Good Garage Scheme members often offer the most cost-effective solution for motorists when they need work carrying out on their vehicles. With austerity never far from everybody’s minds at the moment, value for money has become increasingly important as motorists tighten their belts. Our website provides motorists with the ideal tool to find their nearest independent garages quickly and efficiently. This is enhanced by being able to refine searches to find expertise in specific makes and models, as highlighted in our latest Top Marques survey.”

The survey results have come in the wake of a successful national TV advertising campaign by the organisation which prompted a 67 per cent increase in daily downloads of the Good Garage Scheme app. The app enables users to find their nearest Good Garage Scheme member via their phone anywhere in the UK and also offers a refined search facility where motorists can find specialist garages.

Anndi added: “Our successful national TV advertising campaign has again raised awareness of the Good Garage Scheme, while supporting the launch of our app which is incredibly useful if you’re away from home and need to find your nearest member garage, particularly if your vehicle has broken down.”

Good Garage Scheme member garages can be found from Lands End to John O’Groats. Motorists can now find their nearest garage anywhere in the UK via a link to the Good Garage Scheme’s home page

Gary Lillistone, Bridge PR on tel: 024 76 520025,

Anndi Sheppard, Good Garage Scheme, on tel: 024 76 472649