Gemini supports ‘forgotten Force’

A specialist recruitment company that helps ex-military personnel make the transition to civilian life has been hand-picked to take part in a first-of-its-kind event.

Leicester-based Gemini Forces is one of three companies to be invited to take part in a ‘Welcome Home’ event at Alton Towers on April 16 for Reservists returning from active service in Afghanistan. Experts from the company will be on hand to offer job hunting and career advice and guidance to 35 Reservists and their families who are due to attend the event.

Last summer, it was reported that there were more than 45,000 Reservists in the UK Armed Forces, serving across the UK and overseas. It included 600 serving in Afghanistan in roles including, Combat Infantry Soldiers, Media Ops and Medical officers.

Neil Dean, Gemini Forces director, said: “Support for regular Services personnel returning to civilian life is something that Gemini Forces has built an impressive reputation for. But people often forget that there are a huge amount of Reservists who have seen active service who return to their civilian lives without the same support infrastructure in place. Although their situation is slightly different to regulars returning to ‘civvy street’, our aim at the Alton Towers event is to provide Reservists with quality advice and support when returning to their day-to-day lives.”

Gemini Forces specialises in helping ex-Services personnel find employment when they return to civilian life. It has helped countless ex-Services personnel make the seamless transition to civilian life, finding employment in an array of industry sectors including Health & Safety, environmental, aviation, facilities management, project management and defence consultancy sectors.

The Alton Towers event will also feature Omnivil, the UK’s first fully functional virtual job fair.  This will herald a whole new approach to ex-military recruitment, and will bring employers and prospective candidates together in an online forum that has all the facilities currently being offered in the “real world”.  Available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Omnivil will make the career transition process very easy and accessible. 

Mr Dean added: “While the event represents a new concept in that it’s very much about the welfare of Reservists returning to their normal lives, the role of Gemini and Omnivil will be to offer employment advice and we are delighted to be taking part.”

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