K3 Equator adds powerful new automation features for HR and Payroll benefits

K3 Business Technology Group (K3) customers using the advanced Equator human resource management system will benefit from new automated features introduced for the new April 2011 Tax Year.

The very latest version of the powerful Equator software has successfully passed all HMRC requirements and offers the ability to send electronic P46 change of car notifications. Amongst the across-the-board upgrades is an enhanced employee induction feature and improved integration between Time & Attendance, Personnel and Occupational Sick Pay (OSP).

From 6th April, HMRC is accepting electronic P46 change of car notifications and a keenly awaited automated tool means Equator will allow companies and their employees to take advantage of the change. As new vehicles are assigned to staff, the software amends the records and creates the electronic form ready to be sent to HMRC with other in-year returns. Changes can be made to employee Tax Codes to account for new vehicles as they happen rather than using delayed information from P11D Expenses & Benefits notifications.

“This feature is a real bonus and a real benefit as it speeds up the process of HMRC having the most up-to-date data on company car users and the make and model of vehicle they are using”, said Kevin O’Donnell, Head of HR Development for K3 Business Technology Group.

He added: “There have been well publicised issues across the country with company car users being taxed for the wrong car, or for the wrong amount on the right car. Very often HMRC will have out-of-date information and make the wrong assumptions.”

New automatic training plans in Equator will enable companies to have better control over employee induction and will no longer have to rely on creating training plans manually. The automatic training plans for new employees will also be of benefit with training existing staff who have been deployed elsewhere within the company. The new induction feature creates comprehensive training plans according to employee roles and responsibilities and where they will be working within the company. It accounts for all the Health & Safety parameters for each job role to ensure that each employee receives the full training required for them to begin their new job.

Equator users will also benefit from the slick way that the software handles sick pay calculations automatically. Users can quickly set up rules for OSP and the system takes absences recorded by the system’s Time & Attendance feature to calculate the full amount of sick pay due, adding in Statutory Sick Pay if necessary. This information is sent electronically through to Payroll, eliminating the need for further calculations.

Also included is a new view and print P60 feature enabling employees to access their records over the web using the software’s Self Service Portal. Employees can use this feature to see their last five years’ P60s. They can also print them on plain paper as valid HMRC-approved electronic copies.

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