Midlands IT company says cloud is a must for business continuity during Olympics

As Olympic fever grips the nation, businesses across the UK will be excitedly anticipating the influx of visitors to our country, and many will be implementing business continuity plans. London alone is expected to see more than four million extra people over the Olympic period, so Coventry based IT solutions provider, Netmetix Limited, is highlighting how cloud computing can ensure business runs smoothly eliminating any potential disruptions.

Recent research by the leading provider of Information Availability and business continuity services, Sungard Availability Services, has shown that for the second year running office disruptions are the main cause for invoking business continuity plans, with incidents rising by 6% in 2011. This research came as part of Sungard’s seventh annual analysis of major causes of business disruption in the UK, and reinforces the view that the office remains at most risk of downtime, accounting for 8 out of 10 disruptions.

Coventry, in particular, is a city that has made a significant contribution to the Olympic Games as a host city incorporating many other events around it. However, such large scale events need preparation and backup plans for any disruption that may be caused. Recent news reports have said that civil servants will be working from home for the busy seven week Olympic period, and it is technology like cloud that allow for the business to run normally despite people not being physically in the office.

With Sungard also reporting that 61% of employees think the efficiency of UK organisations will be disrupted due to the Olympic Games, Netmetix aim to reassure business owners of how they can put their employee’s minds at rest.

Business disruption is something that Netmetix has recognised for some time now, which is why they have invested heavily into the development of a complete cloud computing infrastructure that enables companies to access the business from any device and any location providing there is an internet connection.

During the Olympics, problems may arise such as increased traffic preventing staff from getting to work on time, high demand on internet capabilities, and external and internal threats to the network. These are all issues that cloud computing tackles head on, with users being able to access the business from any location, a high performance IT network with increased bandwidth making the business more resilient, and enhanced security packages such as the enterprise level of security Netmetix use.

The Sungard research continued to find that business problems caused by technology failures dropped by 25%, and with a 25% growth in adoption of the cloud since 2009 (Avanade), it is clear that advancements in business technology such as cloud computing that are having a positive impact on the way that businesses move forwards.

Paul Blore, managing director of Netmetix, said: “Having a professional, reliable cloud computing service in place can guarantee that your business is not affected by the Olympic Games. You need not worry about bandwidth surges, increased congestion or security because your cloud solution protects you against any threat to lost downtime and profit. Instead, you will just be free to enjoy a historic Olympic games and cheer Team GB up the medals table.”

Cloud computing is a broadly used term for hosted networks and can sometimes be baffling for business owners. Netmetix offer a free consultation to explain how they can reap the benefits in time for the Olympics.

Paul Blore, Netmetix on tel: 0247640 8100, email paul.blore@netmetix.net.

Denise Taylor, Bridge PR on tel: 024 76 520025, email: denise@bridgepr.co.uk

Netmetix is based in Birmingham Road, Allesley, Coventry. The company offers IT and network solutions including Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and more recently a complete cloud-based solution through Cloudmetix. 

Netmetix also provides a full and detailed installation and implementation service for everything it sells. The company provides sensible, reliable and professional advice at both a business and technical level. It works closely with manufacturers to bring effective and innovative solutions to its customers.

The company has achieved Microsft Gold Server Platform status following a rigorous examination process by its team of qualified technical engineers.





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London alone expects to see four million extra visitors over the Olympic period
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Civil servants will be working from home for 7 weeks
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Having a professional, reliable cloud computing service in place can guarantee that your business is not affected by the Olympic Games.
Paul Blore