About Us

the Bistrotea TeaPod is a single use, high-tech tea diffuser with a unique filtration system that produces a richly flavoured and fragrant cup of tea each TeaPod is packed at point of origin using premium grade, organic tea leaves that are harvested, selected and processed in sri lanka (formerly ceylon) on fair trade estates unlike a tea bag, the TeaPod does not require squeezing nor wringing to extract the flavour ~ so no more burnt fingers or messy drips! its innovative design also eliminates the need for a teaspoon as the TeaPod can be used to stir the tea you simply put the TeaPod in a cup, add some boiling water and stir the TeaPod for a few minutes ~ let it stand for a minute to further infuse, stir it again for another minute, then when it's fully infused, remove the TeaPod and tap it once on the edge of the cup to discharge any excess water, then return it to its italian designed, moisture-proof, tear resistant envelope for recyclable disposal eleven different blends are currently available:- black teasenglish breakfast ~ earl grey ~ apple cinnamon red teasjasmine lotus ~ strawberry ~ vanilla peach green teasginger ~ lemon grass ~ mint herbal infusionsfruit “goji” berry (caffeine free) ~ herbs n’ honey (caffeine free) so there is a blend of tea to suit all tea lovers!