An easier way of using your iPad

Brodit’s new MultiStand makes it easy and convenient to use your iPad at home and in the office. 

Karlsborg, Sweden, Brodit AB, November 24, 2010 -- The Brodit MultiStand makes it easy to carry the iPad around. Easily move it from the office to the kitchen or from the living room to the bedroom. The MultiStand can quickly be adjusted in various angles for optimal viewing when surfing the net, watching a movie, typing or walking around. In folded position it is almost as thin as the iPad. 

”When I started using my iPad it felt awkward and difficult to hold it, and I was always afraid of dropping it” says Ebbe Johansson, founder and CEO of Brodit. ”This led to creating a stand where the iPad could be held securely, that is easy to carry around, and that could be used at the office desk as well as the couch at home. I am now so comfortable using the iPad in the stand that I never take it out anymore. Not even when I charge it” says Johansson.

The Brodit MultiStand is made of black ABS plastic. The iPad fits easily in the stand, it is held securely in place but can easily be removed. On the back of the stand is a movable support leg that makes the stand angle from a flat position to an upright position. The support leg has a shape that makes it comfortable to grip around it with your hand so you can use the iPad while standing and walking. The stand has friction pads to prevent it from sliding on smooth surfaces. It also has an adapter included, that can be screwed onto a wall in an office, house, vehicle etc. The MultiStand can be attached to this adapter so you can keep it your iPad in a fixed position for viewing and use.

”Personally, I think the MultiStand is one of the best products we have ever developed” admits Ebbe Johansson. ”And we constantly get requests to add new features. We already have several new iPad products in development, so keep an eye on our web site for new releases!” advises Johansson.

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