Broström has commenced share buy-back

Against the background of the resolution taken by the Board of Directors on 14 December 2006, to acquire up to 1 million own shares based on the authorisation given by the Annual General Meeting 2006, 54,000 Class B shares have been acquired at an average price of SEK 146.55. The total holding of own Broström shares as of today is 54,000.

Continuing buy-back of shares will be reported to OMX Nordic Exchange in accordance to applicable rules and will be communicated at Broström’s website under the heading Investors/The Share/Buy-Back.

Göteborg, 3 January 2007


For further information: Lennart Simonsson, CEO Broström, Tel +46 31 61 61 00

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Broström is one of the leading logistics companies for the oil and chemical industry, focusing on industrial product and chemical tanker shipping and marine services. Broström is based worldwide, with head offices in Göteborg, Sweden.


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