BROSTRÖM MODERNIZES ITS EUROPEAN PRODUCT TANKER FLEET Broström has placed an order for the building of four 14,500 deadweight product- and chemicaltankers. The order secures Broström's position as being a significant transportation service provider to customers in the intra European trade of oil products. The vessels will be built by Jinling Shipyard, Nanjing, China and delivered in 2006 and 2007. Broström employs 37 tankers in European trade and transports more than 20 million tonnes of oil products per year. 18 of the ships are of intermediate size (10,000-20,000 dwt) and employed in North West Europe. Four of the ships of the latter segment were built in the late 80´ies and even if these ships can trade up to year 2014 according to EU's new rules Broström has decided to replace the ships by modern and more efficient tonnage. Environmental issues have been one of the most important issues in the development and designing of the vessels. Redundancy in propulsion and the cleaning of NOx and SOx are vital ingredients in this respect. Further concentration has been made on technical solutions related to safety, cargo handling productivity and manoeuvrability. For more technical details see below. The Broström Group operates presently a fleet of 65 product and chemical tankers from 4,000 to 80,000 dwt with an average age of 7 years. "By this investment Broström secures the position as being the largest provider of transportation services to customers in the European trade. Broström's capacity in product tanker shipping is covered to a great extent by Contracts of Affreightment. The design of the new ships and choice of features give Broström a competitive edge", states Broström CEO Lennart Simonsson. Göteborg, 15 December 2003 BROSTRÖM AB (publ) For further information: Lennart Simonsson, CEO Broström, Tel +46 31 61 61 00 More information about Broström can be found on 14,500 DWT PRODUCT AND CHEMICAL TANKER JINLING SHIPYARD, Nanjing, China TECHNICAL DETAILS Particulars Length 146 meter Breadth 22 meter Draught 8 meter Deadweight 14,500 tonnes Cargo capacity 18,700 m³ Speed 13 knots Cargo handling The ships will have 13 cargo tanks and the maximum number of segregations will be 9. Maximum discharge rate will be 3,300 m³/h and maximum loading rate, with vapour return will be 3,600 m³/h. The vessels will load or discharge in five to six hours in ideal operational situations. Manoeuvrability The vessel will be fitted with two pulling azimut thrusters aft and one tunnel thruster forward The azimut thrusters can rotate 360° giving the vessel extremely good manoeuvrability. The vessel will thus be capable to operate without any assistance of tugs in almost all weather conditions. Redundancy for propulsion The vessel will have redundant propulsion systems including diesel engines, fuel systems, shafts, propellers and steering units. In urban areas where these ships will be operating the redundancy matters will play an ever important role. This arrangement will also make it possible to perform maintenance on vital components during trading. Environment The vessels will have the class notation Clean Design. This notation has requirements on e.g. location of oil tanks, emission to air and water, capacity of specific equipment and documentation of systems as well as operational procedures. All six diesel engines in the engine room will be fitted with catalysts for NOX reduction by urea injection in diesel exhaust lines. This will make it possible to reduce the NOX emissions with 98%. The vessels will also meet with requirements on noise levels. This is a vital environmental issue as the ships will spend 50% of their time in ports and terminal adjacent to urban areas. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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