Preliminary report 2005

Broström AB (publ) – Reg. no. 556005-1467 • Good conclusion to 2005 – greatly increased profit. ­ - Strong freight market continued during fourth quarter - Size of fleet enabled improved transport combinations and contributed to the strongly increased profit • Profit after net financial items for the year was SEK 720 m (325). - Net sales SEK 3,818 m (3,207) ­ - Profit after tax SEK 623 m (487 incl. one-off effect of SEK 181 m from introduction of tonnage tax) - Earnings per share SEK 18.89 (16.33 incl. one-off effect of SEK 6.19 from introduction of tonnage tax) ­ - Return on capital employed 15.9% (9.9%) • Profit after net financial items for Q4 was SEK 280 m (84). - Net sales SEK 1,128 m (846) - Profit after tax SEK 252 m (101) ­ - Earnings per share SEK 7.64 (3.40) • Shareholders’ equity (excl. dividend and non-cash issues) increased by SEK 964 m (SEK 29.54 per share) during the period, including SEK 335 m in currency translation differences (IFRS). • Cash flow and disposable liquidity. - Cash flow per share SEK 19.15 (14.65) - Disposable liquidity amounted to SEK 1,295 m (828 on 31 December 2004) - The dividend payout was SEK 162 m • Proposed dividend SEK 8.00 (SEK 5.00) per share. • Increase in transport capacity. ­ - BRO ELLIOT was delivered in early November from shipyard in China ­ - The vessels BRO PROVIDER and BRO PRIORITY were taken over in late December 2005 • Outlook for 2006. The start of 2006 has been characterised by the strong freight market continuing in Broström’s segment. Structural changes and greater regional imbalances are giving rise to further increases in the need for transport. Completed transport contract negotiations have yielded a favourable outcome. The outlook for 2006 as a whole continues to be favourable.

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Broström is one of the leading logistics companies for the oil and chemical industry, focusing on industrial product and chemical tanker shipping and marine services. Broström is based worldwide, with head offices in Göteborg, Sweden.


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