PROPOSAL REGARDING BUY-BACK OF OWN SHARES In order to continuously be able to adjust the company's capital structure to the requirements of the company from time to time and thereby contribute to an increased shareholder value and enable acquisition of companies or businesses the Board of Directors proposes that the Annual General Meeting on 29 April 2003 shall authorise the Board of Directors to decide on acquisition and transfer of the company's own shares on one or more occasion over the period until the next Annual General Meeting. Acquisition of own shares For as long as the company's holding of its own shares after the acquisition does not exceed ten per cent of all shares in the company, the Board of Directors shall have the right to decide to acquire shares of class B in the company. Acquisition of shares shall be made over the Stockholm Stock Exchange at a price that falls within the registered share price interval at any given time. At present the company has no holding of own shares. Transfer of own shares The Board of Directors shall have the right to transfer, in whole or part, the company's holding of own shares of class B. Transfer may be made with deviation from the preferential rights of shareholders in connection with acquiring companies or businesses. Payment may be made in cash by contribution in kind or by set-off of company debt and the transfer may also be made with conditions. Payment shall equal the market value of the transferred shares at the time of the transfer, with a deviation from the market price that may be required and that the Board of Directors find necessary. The reason to deviate from the shareholder's preferential rights when the shares are being transferred is to be able to acquire companies or businesses in a cost effective way. Financial effects In accordance with the above proposal a maximum of 2 902 799 shares of class B may be acquired. A buy-back of this number of shares would result in an increase of net profit per share from SEK 3.29 to SEK 3.66 and a decrease of the adjusted equity ratio from 30.9% to 29.4%. The calculations are based on an assumed price of SEK 40 per share and the preliminary result of the Group for 2002. Göteborg 21 March 2003 BROSTRÖM AB (publ) For further information: Lennart Simonsson, CEO Broström, Tel +46 31 61 61 00 More information about Broström can be found on ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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Broström is one of the leading logistics companies for the oil and chemical industry, focusing on industrial product and chemical tanker shipping and marine services. Broström is based worldwide, with head offices in Göteborg, Sweden.