Ayrshire children get fruity with Bupa

Children in Ayrshire will soon be keeping fit and eating healthily thanks to ‘Activ-eat’, a healthy eating initiative for primary schools from the UK’s leading health and care company, Bupa. Members of the Dreghor Brownie Pack will be taking part in Activ-eat on Tuesday 19 April at 6pm. Activ-eat has been designed by Bupa to make healthy eating fun and memorable for children. Activities will take place under the guidance of specially trained volunteers from Bupa’s Fullarton and Greenbank care home in Irvine, Ayrshire. Activities will include tasting exotic fruits, making healthy ‘smoothie’ drinks and playing games which highlight the importance of eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Activity Coordinator for Fullerton and Greenbank, Maureen Stewart, who will head up the volunteers, said: “Childhood obesity is a growing problem in the UK with one in four children now starting primary school overweight or obese. Bupa has developed Activ-eat to help children find out about healthy eating in a fun but informative way, so they can make better decisions for their health and take this learning into adulthood. It’s really satisfying for the team to know that we’re making such an important difference and supporting local schools as they help children learn about leading a healthy lifestyle.” As a part of Activ-eat, children will be given a pedometer each to encourage them to do more physical activity and are left with a three-week challenge to eat five fruit and vegetables a day. Bupa's Community Affairs Consultant Siobhan Drane, says "As a health and care company, Bupa are keen to help tackle the issue of child obesity and promote nutrition and exercise through our Activ-eat programme. We are also delighted to be building new links between our care homes and local primary schools across the UK" Bupa will also provide ongoing support to the schools with a series of information booklets throughout the year, offering parents dietary advice for their children. In 2010, Bupa helped over 5,000 across 60 schools teaching them the importance of healthy eating and how to lead a healthy lifestyle.