Bupa’s Brierton Lodge Nursing Centre, Brierton Lane, Hartlepool, have successfully been awarded the prestigious Golden Apple Eating Award which recognises businesses who provide wholesome, nutritious food by guaranteeing healthy choices whilst meeting rigorous hygiene standards. The initiative from Hartlepool Borough Council is open to all types of food providers and delivers public recognition for achieving the award in addition to a high profile advertising campaign. Members of staff from Brierton Lodge attended the launch session and quickly realised that the objectives required to achieve the award were fulfilled as part of the Bupa’s current processes. The team then completed the application form which was followed by an onsite assessment at the home which involved the assessor walking around the premises, having a thorough look at the menu and meeting members of staff involved in the preparation of food to discuss the award and to make sure that the conditions of the award were being met. The council will be attending the home on Wednesday 23 September at 2pm to present the award and this will be followed by a town presentation on Monday 2 November. Brierton Lodge is the first care home to receive the award in the area and residents will benefit from a choice of healthy eating options and greater control over the food they eat. Carol Barnard, home manager, says: “We are very excited to achieve this award as it recognises our commitment to healthy eating and providing a wide range of menu choices for residents. The home had to meet strict criteria to achieve this honour and we are excited about our presentation night. Brierton Lodge has been praised highly and I would like to thank all involved for their hard work and enthusiasm.”