Interim report January – September 2005

Continued growth in earnings

- In the third quarter of 2005, Bure’s share of operating profit in the portfolio companies increased to SEK 32M (1). For the first nine months, operating profit was up by 78 per cent to SEK 152M (85).

- Consolidated operating profit improved to SEK 28 (-39) million tor the third quarter and SEK 496 (110) for the first nine months of the year. The Group posted a net profit of SEK 5M (-65) for the third quarter and SEK 403M (12) for the first nine months. Earnings per share after full dilution reached SEK 0.00 (0.17) for the third quarter and SEK 0.40 (0.01) for the first nine months.

- The Parent Company’s profit after tax was SEK 4M (-63) for the third quarter and SEK 310M (56) for the first nine months.

- The Parent Company’s reported equity after full exercise of outstanding warrants improved by SEK 17M during the third quarter and by SEK 376M to SEK 2,425M for the first nine months. Equity per share rose to SEK 1.87 after full dilution (discounted value).

- Bure raised equity of more than SEK 17M in the third quarter and SEK 168M during the first nine months through the exercise of warrants for subscription to shares.

- At the beginning of July, Bure acquired the remaining 3.75 per cent of the shares in Vittra.

- In July the Parent Company redeemed all outstanding loans, amounting to SEK 565M.

- Bure received repayment of SEK 40M in shareholder contributions from Systeam.

- Bure signed an agreement for the sale of properties to Kungsleden for a total of SEK 407M. The sale will generate a capital gain of more than SEK 25M for the subsidiary Vittra in the fourth quarter and an additional SEK 5M for the Parent Company in the autumn of 2006.

Subsequent events

- On 27 October, Bure raised an additional SEK 2M through subscription to new shares.

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Gothenburg October 28, 2005

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