Annual General Meeting of Investment AB Bure

Annual General Meeting of Investment AB Bure Bure's Managing Director and CEO, Roger Holtback informed the participants in the AGM that 1998 operations have started very positively with net capital gains in the Parent Company of SEK 238M (SEK 561M for the 1997 full year). Groupwise capital gains amount to SEK 398M. During the first few months of the year, a number of acquisitions have also been carried out: Medi Lab in Denmark, Bergen Medisinske Senter and Norlab in Norway as well as 55 per cent of Dimension and 14 per cent of Mölnlycke Health Care. In addition, Roger Holtback gave an account of the fact that the interest- bearing portfolio in the asset management in the Parent Company will be phased-out during April 1998. The freed-up funds will primarily be invested in operations which complement the adopted orientation towards the advanced service sector. At 25 March, the net asset value per share amounted to SEK 99 which is an increase of SEK 11 since the turn of the year. During the same period, the Bure share has risen by 28 per cent. On average, the Bure share has risen by more than 40 per cent per annum since the listing in the Reuter system in 1993. In addition, it has provided a yield of 4-5 per cent. Bure's adopted dividend policy means that at least 5 per cent of the visible net asset value will be distributed. However, for 1997, 1998 and 1999 it will be at least SEK 5 per share. The Board of Directors' proposal for a dividend of SEK 5.50 per share was confirmed by the AGM. All Members of the current Board of Directors were re-elected for a further mandate period: Bengt Eskilson, Jan Blomberg, Bo C E Ramfors, Gösta Wiking, Maria Lilja, Olle G P Isaksson, Per-Ove Engelbrecht and Roger Holtback. A number of items of the Articles of Association were amended: The operations paragraph was shortened and made clearer. The number of Board Members will be not less than five and not more than nine. The rules relating to a special voting list limitation was abolished. The following paragraphs have been removed: para 4 and paras 13-15. A decision was also made to set up a Nomination Committee, consisting of four members, ahead of the 1999 Annual General Meeting, with regard to selection of candidates for the Board: Per Smeds (ALMI Företagspartner), Jan-Erik Erenius (AMF Pension), William af Sandberg (SEB and Trygg-Hansa Fonder), and Peter Sandberg (Sjätte AP-fonden). Gothenburg, 26 March 1998 Investment AB Bure (publ) For further information, please contact: Knut Lehman, Director of Corporate Communications, +46 31 335 76 75 Fredrik Sanell, Investor Relations, + 46 31 335 76 51


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