Assets of SEK 4,000-5,000M to be distributed to the shareholders

Assets of SEK 4,000-5,000M to be distributed to the shareholders over the next year A new name - Bure Equity - a more focused strategy, the distribution of SEK 4,000-5,000M to the shareholders and a continued aggressive investment strategy are the key points the Board of Directors' will be making at the Company's EGM today, Thursday 17 August. "- The change of name is a confirmation of our orientation - a private equity company with a focus on unlisted holdings within segments of the TIME (Telecom, Internet, Media and 'Edutainment') sector. With today's Interim Report we have delivered the best six month's results ever. It is also a confirmation that our orientation is right," noted Roger Holtback, President and CEO of Bure Equity. The Board of Directors also outlined for the EGM an action programme for the period until the Annual General Meeting which is aimed at further strengthening Bure Equity as a private equity company with a focus on the TIME sector. The programme included: * A new organisation for Bure Equity with investment teams in Gothenburg and Stockholm, and increased international operations * Strategic recruitments campaigns and a new incentive programme aimed at strengthening the expertise and the Company's attractiveness * Concentration of holdings which means that Bure Equity will in principle have divested all listed holdings Distribution of shares in Bure Health Care (the company will shortly change its name to Capio) to Bure Equity shareholders with a net asset value amounting to approximately SEK 1,500M is planned this autumn. This will be followed by a distribution of the holding in Observer equivalent to approximately SEK 2,200M during Spring 2001. For every six shares in Bure one Observer share will be distributed. The decision is subject to approval by the Annual General Meeting of Bure in Spring 2001. Should a situation arise with regard to the Observer share, which is more advantageous for Bure's shareholders, the Board of Directors will consider this. * A proposal for buy-back/redemption programme for own shares will be put to the Annual General Meeting in 2001 "- Our target is not only to be the leading private equity company with a focus on the TIME sector, but also of be the most shareholder-friendly company in Sweden. With the activities we are now carrying out, we will distribute values of SEK 4,000-5,000M to our shareholders over the next 6-12 months. It is a big step realising our ambition to be the most shareholder-friendly company in Sweden," says Roger Holtback. "With Capio, Bure's shareholders get an attractive share with considerable value potential both in the short and the long term. The share will be the first of its kind on the Nordic stockmarkets and should attract both Swedish and international investors", says Roger Holtback. "At the same time, the distributions form part of a concentration programme in which we, when it has been completed, will nevertheless have a capital base of at least SEK 6,000M. It enables us to achieve our target of making investments in the range of 1,000-1,500M per annum. It means in principle that our investment volume will remain unchanged and a volume which in my opinion is adapted to what this sector can currently absorb without tampering with Bure's demands for growth potential, structural opportunities and quality in the holdings," says Roger Holtback. The Interim Report will be available on www.bure. Gothenburg, 17 August 2000 Bure Equity AB (publ) For further information, please contact: Knut Leman, Head of Corporate Communication +46 31-335 76 75 +46 705-11 76 75 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: