Bure acquires Hjärtmottagningen i Helsingborg AB

Bure Health Care acquires 100% of the shares in Hjärtmottagningen i Helsingborg AB whose operations consist of cardiology and drug testing. Through the acquisition Bure Health Care's expertise in cardiology will be strengthened. Hjärtmottagningen, which was previously owned by the internationally- recognised Associate Professor Stefan Hofvendahl and his colleague Doctor Per Löfdahl, carries out cardiac research, performs advanced testing on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry and carries out training activities. The patients come mainly on referral from the primary care sector and the hospitals in the region. Hjärtmottagningen currently has eight full-time employees and is expected to have annual sales of SEK 7M. "There is a considerable demand for knowledge about cardiology and the high level of expertise which Hjärtmottagningen stands for is in short supply. We see long-term opportunities to expand the operations to other locations in Sweden," says Per Båtelson, President of Bure Hälsa och Sjukvård AB. "The acquisition also complements the establishment of Bure Health Care's investments in the Skåne region, especially in specialist care and geriatric care." "We want to develop our operations and see Bure Health Care's expertise as a considerable asset, not least through the collaboration opportunities which exist with the other subsidiaries" says Stefan Hofvendahl, President of Hjärtmottagningen i Helsingborg AB. Bure Health Care forms part of Investment AB Bure and carries out operations in the sectors: specialist health care, geriatric care, occupational health care, diagnostics and materials supply. Bure Health Care has an annual sales rate of approximately SEK 2.3 billion and around 3,000 employees. Gothenburg, 2 July 1998 Investment AB Bure (publ) For further information, please contact: Per Båtelson, President of Bure Hälsa och Sjukvård AB Int +46 31-335 76 65, 705-95 57 00 Kenneth Svanberg, Head of Region Skåne, Bure Hälsa och Sjukvård AB Int +46 42-35 05 30, 705-53 30 62 Stefan Hofvendahl, President of Hjärtmottagningen i Helsingborg AB Int +46 42-21 08 15, 708-50 29 68


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