Bure prepares distribution of Bure Health Care during the year 2000

Bure prepares distribution of Bure Health Care during the year 2000 - First health care company on the Stockholm stockmarket Bure's Business Area Health Care, which is the leading health care group in the Nordic countries, will be prepared for distribution to Bure's shareholders during the year 2000. This was established during today's Board Meeting of Investment AB Bure. Bure Health Care therefore becomes the first listed health care company in the Nordic countries which has operations on the Scandinavian market. Investment AB Bure will continue to focus on Business Areas IT, InfoMedia and Training and Education. "Bure Health Care has developed into a unique operator within the Scandinavian health care sector with rapidly growing international operations. The company now has the strength and expertise to develop on its own the core operation which is based on a clear patient focus and collaboration with public sector principals. Bure has proved that profitability in health care is not an obstacle but rather a prerequisite for sound and long-term quality for both patients and staff. Our 20,000 shareholders will now benefit from the values which we have built up since 1994. The distribution of Bure Health Care is a natural step in our strategy in which we strive to build up new innovative operations within the knowledge-based service industry and then expose the values," says Roger Holtback, President and CEO of Investment AB Bure. With the distribution of Bure Health Care, Investment AB Bure focuses on its other Business Areas: IT, InfoMedia and Training and Education - all segments within the strongly growing knowledge-based service sector. A distribution of Bure Health Care to shareholders is the Board's main preoccupation and is intended to be proposed to the Annual General Meeting of Investment AB Bure on 4 April 2000. On 30 September, the book value of the shares in Bure Health Care amounted to SEK 971M. "As an independent listed company we shall continue with our previously- adopted strategy with regard to putting the patient at the centre with efficient care as the base. At the same time, we will have brandnew opportunities in our profiling vis-à-vis both patients and the principals of the health care sector as well as improved criteria for efficient recruitment of skilled staff. It will be very stimulating for all of us in Bure Health Care to become the first health care company in Sweden to be listed on the stockmarket," says Per Båtelson, President of Bure Health Care. Bure Health Care Bure Health Care is the leading health care company in Sweden with assignments in a large number of municipalities and county councils. The business concept is to offer - in close collaboration with the principals in the health care sector - primarily in publicly-financed care that is based on new innovative concepts which guarantee the highest possible quality for the patient. The Group has 3,760 employees and comprises Business Sectors Specialist Care, Occupational Health Care, Geriatric Care and Diagnostics. Apart from Sweden, operations are carried out in Norway, Denmark, Great Britain, Switzerland and Poland. Following the acquisition of S:t Görans Sjukhus in Stockholm, the Business Area has an annual business volume of more than SEK 3.0 billion. Gothenburg, 1 November 1999 Investment AB Bure (publ) For further information, please contact: Knut Leman, Head of Corporate Communications +46 31 335 76 75 knut.leman@bure.se Ulrika Stenson, Head of Investor Relations +46 31 335 76 51 ulrika.stenson@bure.se Further information is available on www.bure.se ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit http://www.bit.se for further information The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/1999/11/01/19991101BIT00450/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/1999/11/01/19991101BIT00450/bit0002.pdf