Capio acquires the remaining 30 per cent of the shares in the Previa group

Capio acquires the remaining 30 per cent of the shares in the Previa group. Bure Health Care Corporation, which is changing its name to Capio, is buying the remaining 30 per cent of the shares in Previa. This means that Previa is now a wholly owned subsidiary. Capio has completed negotiations with Stiftelsen Statshälsan regarding the purchase of Statshälsan's 30 per cent stake in Previa AB.This acquisition has been financed mainly by a directed share issue that gives Statshälsan a 3.2 per cent shareholding in Capio. In 1995, Capio bought 70% of Statshälsan's stake in AB Previa and is now going all the way by making Previa a wholly owned subsidiary. "A successful five-year working partnership, during which we have developed and refined occupational healthcare with Statshälsan has now resulted in us becoming 100% owners of Previa. This acquisition means that Previa can now be fully integrated into our Business Area Outpatient Healthcare, strengthening it in the process. It is also a positive sign that Statshälsan wants to be a shareholder in Capio", says Per Båtelson, Capio's President and CEO. "This allows us a more comprehensive coverage of the market and gives us the unique opportunity of linking preventive occupational healthcare together with our outpatient healthcare in a manner that is completely new in Sweden. In this way we increase customer value and can offer turnkey solutions in a way that is unique in the industry," says Peter Risberg, Previa's Managing Director and head of the Business Area Outpatient Healthcare. Previa is Sweden's market-leading supplier of occupational healthcare. The company works with everything that affects employees' work environment and health. Previa is today responsible for occupational healthcare at some 11,000 workplaces, covering more than 500,000 employees. The company's yearly sales rate is around SEK 500 million and the company employs some 750 people. Capio, which is changing its name from Bure Health Care Corporation, is part of Bure Equity AB and is the Nordic region's leading private healthcare provider. The company operates in the business sectors of healthcare services, diagnostic services and geriatric care services. The company is established in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, the UK, Switzerland and Poland. Capio has an annual sales rate of SEK 3,300 million and has some 4,400 employees. Capio intends to be listed on the O list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange in the autumn. Gothenburg 28 August 2000 Bure Health Care Corporation (changing its name to Capio AB) For more information, please contact: Per Båtelson, President and CEO, Capio AB +46 31 335 76 65 Ulrika Stenson, Director Corporate Communications and Invester Relations, Capio AB +46 31 335 76 51 Peter Risberg, Managing Director, Previa and Head of Business Area Outpatient Healthcare +46 8 627 43 12 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: