Byggmax launches a new store concept in Hisings Backa

On 2 June, Byggmax will open a completely new store concept – Byggmax +. The shop, located at Transportgatan 45 in Hisings Backa, has been redesigned in order to better cater for the needs of professional tradespeople.

“Among other things, we now stock more products, more known brands and construction timber with specific lengths. Increasing numbers of business customers are discovering Byggmax and we are therefore investing in further expanding our range and appeal,” comments Samuel Lindén, Business Area Manager for Byggmax +. 

The new store concept is called Byggmax + and is aimed at professionals, although non-professionals are also still welcome. The brands that will be available in this shop include Isover, Paroc, Bewi, Fermacell, Moelven and Hitachi. It is Byggmax with a little extra – extra much Byggmax quite simply.

“Byggmax + will provide customers with a much wider range of major building materials. The idea is to stock products that customers need to have quickly available in their projects. Time and availability are important aspects for professionals, and with our five Gothenburg shops and the new Byggmax +, we are taking a big step forwards in this exciting market,” says Samuel Lindén.

The shop in Hisings Backa will reopen in its new form on 2 June. The new concept also includes extended opening hours, as the shop will be open from 6:30 am on weekdays.

For more information, please contact:

Daniel Juhlin, CEO Byggmax
Mobile: +46 76-119 00 30

Samuel Lindén, Business Area Manager Byggmax +
Mobile: +46 76-119 09 57

About Byggmax
The home improvement discounter chain Byggmax was launched in 1993 and its business concept is to be the best and most inexpensive alternative for consumers in need of high-quality construction materials. In 2007, the Byggmax launched its business in Norway, and the first store in Finland was opened in 2008. Today Byggmax has 78 stores in Sweden, 31 in Norway and 13 in Finland. The company’s sales amounted to approximately SEK 3,5 billion in 2014. Byggmax has been listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm since June 2010.

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