Byggmax opens a new store in the Oslo region

Byggmax opens a new store in Haugenstua, Norway, this summer. This is the fourth Byggmax store in the Greater Oslo area, and the 23rd store opened in Norway since its establishment in 2007. Demand for building materials is growing in the area.

- Our concept of shopping quickly, cheaply and efficiently is particularly desirable in larger cities, and we have incredibly high demand for Byggmax stores in Greater Oslo. We have long been looking for location for a new store, and Haavard Martinsens vei 17 has a plot that is perfect for the Byggmax concept. The store at Haugenstua is a very long-awaited opening, says Espen Nicolaisen, regional manager Byggmax Norway.

The chain sells construction materials such as lumber, flooring, plaster, cement, windows, doors and paint to both professional and private clients. The vision is to offer customers good quality products at low prices. By allowing customers to do some of the work by themselves, the company can keep costs down.

- Many building supply chains have multiple suppliers and brands of the same product, and 20-30 times more employees in the store. At Byggmax we have selected quality products, lower staffing and efficient procurement and administration. This allows Byggmax to sell the same or similar products as our competitors with significantly lower cost, says Byggmax CEO Magnus Agervald.

Proud winner of price surveys
Byggmax has repeatedly won Norwegian price surveys. Last year, Byggmax Ski was voted the cheapest of eight DIY chains in a price test conducted by consumer tv show TV2 hjelper deg. It showed that the materials needed to build a terrace of 20 square meters as 3000 NOK less than the most expensive store. Also at previous price comparisons Byggmax has come out best. In the paper Fædrelandsvennen's price test from August 2011 Byggmax was clearly best when rates were compared in four chains in the construction trade.

- We are proud of the results of these surveys. Our goal is to be the cheapest on every product we sell and that is why we give all our customers a price promise. If out customers find the same product at a lower price at another local venue, the customer will be given the difference plus ten percent of the total price, said Agervald.

For more information:
Magnus Agervald, CEO of Byggmax, +46 76-119 00 20,
Espen Nicolaisen, Regional Manager Norway, +47 480 84 001,

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About Byggmax
Byggmax is a proactive low-price supplier of building materials in the Nordic region. Byggmax has had a strong market position in the Swedish DIY market for a long time and demonstrated with the launch in Norway in 2007 and Finland in 2008 that the concept can also be successfully established in other markets. Since its inception in 1993, Byggmax has opened more than 80 stores in these countries. Byggmax intends to continue growing with profitability by expanding its store network in current markets, improving operations and driving continuous business development.