Key individuals at Byggmax subscribe for warrants

Key individuals at Byggmax subscribe for 1,116,000 warrants under the recently decided incentive program.

The Annual General Meeting on May 5 resolved on an incentive program, comprising a private placement and assignment of warrants in Byggmax. Under the proposal, a group of key individuals, 36 in total, would be allowed to acquire up to 1,344,000 warrants under market terms and conditions.

Subscription for the warrants has now been completed and a total of 1,116,000 warrants were subscribed for by the incentive program participants, corresponding to about 83.0% of the warrants offered.

Pernilla Walfridsson, CFO
Mobile: 0046 76119 00 40

Magnus Agervald, CEO
Mobile: 0046 76119 00 20

About Byggmax
The home improvement discounter chain Byggmax was launched in 1993 and its business concept is to be the best and most inexpensive alternative for consumers in need of high-quality construction materials. In 2007, the Byggmax launched its business in Norway, and the first store in Finland was opened in 2008. Today Byggmax has 74 stores in Sweden, 28 in Norway and 13 in Finland. The company’s sales amounted to approximately SEK 3,5 billion in 2014. Byggmax has been listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm since June 2010.

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