c360 Expands Software Portfolio with Acquisition of Visual Relationship Management Tools

New venture to boost value of client CRM solutions and strengthen company brand

ATLANTA – March 13, 2012 -- c360 Solutions, one of the largest suppliers of Microsoft Dynamics add-ins, tools and utilities, announced today that the company has expanded its software portfolio through the acquisition of  Sales Centric, Relationship Charts and the On-Line Help products from Wave-Access, LLP in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Sales Centric was the pioneer for Visual Relationship Management technology within the Microsoft Dynamics CRM marketplace, and the Relationship Charts suite of applications represents the most comprehensive solution available in the industry. 

“We could not be any more excited about the future. After five years of working with the Wave Access guys, it is wonderful to finally have them as part of our c360 team,” said Whit McIsaac, President and CEO of c360.  “Relationship Charts represents one of the most significant opportunities to change the way companies identify and leverage relationships in their CRM databases. This technology immediately changes the way users enter, manage and view contacts and these tools will radically impact the way CRM is used in the marketplace. For those keeping an eye on our company, this marks the first of several strategic transactions to further strengthen the ‘new c360’ organization.”

Dave Hutchinson, Executive Vice President and COO of c360 adds, “Relationship Charts provides functionality that increases user adoption and provides a much simpler method for viewing data from the CRM system.  ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ definitely holds true in the CRM marketplace. Viewing contacts and connections through a Relationship Chart is much more understandable and delivers business intelligence data to allow companies to leverage the relationships that have been identified in their CRM database, which ultimately creates a much greater value from the CRM system.”

Wave Access principals have also become shareholders in c360, leading the way to a powerful joint venture that further extends the c360 software development capabilities.  This new venture will immediately provide custom development services to the c360 partner channel and clients to accelerate the development of product enhancements, new tools, utilities and vertical templates.

“The relationship charts team at Wave Access had developed technology and functionality that we feel revolutionizes the use of CRM,” said Ilya Feigin, Vice President Development and Principal with Wave Access.  “What we needed however, was a distribution channel and a partnership with a well-known and respected company. The c360 organization, including 2,200 existing clients and over 500 Dynamics Partners worldwide, provides the platform to introduce this technology to the market very quickly.”

Microsoft Dynamics Partners can use this technology to immediately differentiate the value of their CRM solutions by delivering a highly effective way to view and manage contacts and relationships.  When competing in the marketplace, Partners are continually striving to increase the value of their solutions offering.  By implementing the Relationship Charts technology, c360 partners have the ability to immediately change the perception of their CRM offering and demonstrate its increased value, which will create a clear-cut advantage to the c360 partners and distance them from the competition.

For more information about c360, go to www.c360.com, and for information on Wave Access and Relationship Charts, go to www.wave-access.com and www.salescentric.com.

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