Registered Dietitian Launches “Bite-Sized” Video Series

Would some people rather give up 10 years of their life rather than be overweight? What’s wrong with the word “diet”? When it comes to food, what does “moderation” really mean?

“I get a lot of questions about food, nutrition, diets, weight management, cooking, and health,” said registered dietitian nutritionist James Winstead. “A series of short, topical videos seems like a great way to respond to the questions, and maybe spark a deeper conversation about food, good nutrition, the importance of physical activity, and overall health.”

Winstead, who is the Director of Food and Nutrition Outreach for the California Beef Council, is launching his “Bite-Sized Nutrition Bits” with a series of 5 short videos on YouTube. “The plan is to add some cooking videos and more responses to nutrition questions in the near future,” Winstead said.

The videos are at Winstead, RDN can be reached at

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