Trading in warrants TO1 2017/2020 commences on January 16, 2018

Camanio Care AB’s warrants of series TO1 2017/2020 will commence trading on AktieTorget on January 16. The warrants were issued in conjunction with the financing agreement announced on December 6, 2017. 

Terms of the warrant of series TO1 2017/2020 in brief:

-        Warrants will be listed for trading on AktieTorget on January 16, 2018

-        Holding of one (1) warrant entitle the holder to subscribe for one (1) new share at an exercise price of 3.20 SEK

-        Subscription of new shares by exercising the warrants for an aggregate exercise amount of 500 000 SEK or more can take place at any time during the maturity period (i.e. any day during the 3-year period ending on December 13, 2020)

-        Subscription of new shares by exercising the warrants for an aggregate exercise amount of 500 000 SEK or less can only take place at six occasions:

  • o   16 May 2018 up until 30 May 2018
  • o   31 October 2018 up until 14 November 2018
  • o   17 April 2019 up until 1 May 2019
  • o   2 October 2019 up until 16 October 2019
  • o   18 March 2020 up until 1 April 2020
  • o   2 September 2020 up until 16 September 2020

-        Warrants of series TO1 2017/2020 have ISIN code SE0010714576

The full terms and conditions of the Warrants are published on Camanio Care's website:

For further information, please contact:
Catharina Borgenstierna, CEO
Telephone: 0733-93 00 07

About Camanio Care
Camanio Care is a company operating in the caretech marketplace with robotics, assistive devices and gamification that focus on supporting basic human needs. We provide products and services that improve quality and efficiency in the areas of ​​Active Life, Mealtime Situation and Digital Care with products such as BikeAround™, Giraff and Bestic®. Camanio Care has its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, subsidiaries in the USA and distributors in ten European countries and also Australia and China. We make the future work! 

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About Us

Camanio Care is a care tech company that develops innovative solutions for a good care at home with the individual in focus. Camanio Care offers digital service platforms for digital care, robotics, assistive devices and gamification, with products such as VITAL, BikeAround ™, Bestic® and Giraff ™.Through three focus areas; Activation, Mealtime and Digital care, Camanio Care wishes to support people's basic needs and increase accessibility and quality within health care. Camanio Care AB today has its headquarters in Stockholm, a US subsidiary, Camanio Care Inc., as well as distributors in Asia, the Middle East, Hong Kong, Australia and in ten European countries.


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