Cultivate by Standard Process announces chiropractic certification course, helping to shape a new corporate path for practitioners and the profession

Chiropractic practitioners nationwide can now pursue a new career path that will extend the reach of the chiropractic profession thanks to a new training course announced today by Cultivate by Standard Process.

The Cultivate Certified On-site Practitioner course is a weeklong program designed to help doctors expand their practices into larger corporate environments, creating greater opportunities for impact.

The program, based on best practices developed over a decade by several chiropractic thought leaders, is intended to redefine chiropractic care by bringing chiropractic care on-site to corporate environments as part of organization’s overall wellness initiatives.

The Cultivate Certified On-site Practitioner course focuses on core areas of on-site wellness best practices including nutrition, fitness, on-site safety and ergonomics, and overall business acumen.  Participants will learn a variety of skills to help develop deeper business partnership, both inside and outside organizations. The program will support the growing demand of companies looking for on-site, chiropractic professionals who can deliver the Cultivate product offering.

Cultivate by Standard Process is the first company of its kind that incorporates an on-site chiropractic professional as a part of an organization’s wellness offering. This expert serves as the central resource to provide key elements of an effective wellness program, including chiropractic care, fitness consulting, nutritional guidance, and ongoing health education curricula.

“We’ve seen firsthand the impact that dedicated, trained chiropractors can have being on-site as part of an organization’s overall wellness program,” said Jerry Curtin, president/general manager of Cultivate by Standard Process. “The Cultivate Certified On-site Practitioner program is intended to help expand the career options for doctors looking to take their practice to the next level while also helping to transform communities through wellness.”

The Cultivate Certified On-site Practitioner course includes five key curriculum areas, including:

  • Functioning within a corporate environment
  • Legal requirements as a chiropractor and in-depth discussion on HIPAA regulations
  • Detailed review and applications of ergonomics in the workplace
  • Nutritional guidance in today’s world
  • Overall patient care guidelines.

“This course can be a game changer in the world of chiropractic,” said Dr. Bryan Muth, medical services manager at Cultivate, who—prior to serving as the on-site chiropractor at Standard Process—owned his own private practice in Florida for several years. “We know what it takes to make a successful transition from private practice to a corporate environment and how to help facilitate healthier and happier employees inside organizations.”

The Cultivate On-site Certified Practitioner course is available for all licensed chiropractors. The first session is slated for late summer, 2014. The company will showcase this new offering at the 2014 Florida Chiropractic Association Show, scheduled for August 21-24 in Orlando, Florida.

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Karl Robe


About Cultivate by Standard Process
Cultivate is the new corporate wellness offering of Standard Process, the manufacturer of whole food supplements that for more than 80 years has helped provide specific, nutritional support for the entire body.

Launched in February 2014, the company works to assess and then deliver scalable wellness solutions to impact individual employees and the overall company using on-site chiropractic as a central component of the program.  Cultivate has been profiled in a number of publication since its conception, including Employee Benefits News and Chiropractic Economics.

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