About Us

Canada Lands Company (CLC) is an arm’s length, self-financing federal Crown corporation. CLC's parent company and sole shareholder, CLCL, reports to the Parliament of Canada through the Minister of Public Works and Government Services Canada. CLC'S VISION As a Crown corporation, we strive to be an important resource to the Government of Canada, and be recognized as pre-eminent in our fields, providing innovative solutions to complex real estate challenges, leadership in tourism development, and bringing value and a sense of legacy to every stakeholder.CLC optimizes the financial and community value from strategic properties that are no longer required by the Government of Canada. It purchases these properties at fair market value, then holds and manages them or improves and sells them. The company’s goal in all transactions is to produce the best possible benefit for both local communities and the Government of Canada, CLC’s parent corporation’s sole shareholder. Indeed, the company’s experience has been that the pursuit of community-related goals, such as good environmental stewardship and commemorating heritage, can often improve the financial returns of its projects.