Capio owned S:t Görans Sjukhus (St. Göran's Hospital) extends care agreement with Stockholm County Council until the end

Capio owned S:t Görans Sjukhus (St. Göran's Hospital) extends care agreement with Stockholm County Council until the end of 2006 S:t Görans Sjukhus and Capio AB, the owner of the hospital, have agreed with Stockholm County Council to extend S:t Görans Sjukhus' care agreement by 4 years until the end of 2006. The agreement is subject to the approval of the Stockholm County Council Health Board on 19 December. The agreement also states an ambition for care at S:t Görans Sjukhus to be open to procurement from 1 January 2004, in which case the agreement will be reviewed from this date. A new procurement process means that both care volumes and prices can be altered. The background is that emergency care within Stockholm County Council will be open to competitive procurement from 2004. S:t Görans Sjukhus' existing three-year agreement is valid for the next two years (2001 and 2002). The price that the county council is paying S:t Görans Sjukhus for care provision this year is between 7 and 12 per cent lower than the prices at other hospitals within Stockholm County Council. A note was made in the minutes relating to the extended care agreement stating that the county council is in favour of gradually transferring emergency care for residents of the Östermalm district of Stockholm to S:t Görans Sjukhus. "We are delighted that our customer is showing us its continued, long-term trust. This means S:t Görans Sjukhus can enjoy the peace of mind essential for its work and plan its operations in a long-term perspective, guaranteeing security and continuity for patients, staff and customers alike. We view being entrusted with gradually taking over caring for emergency patients from the Östermalm district too as a sign that the County Council really appreciates the excellent quality, efficiency and low prices that we currently offer," says Åke Strandberg, MD S:t Görans Sjukhuset AB. S:t Görans Sjukhus AB (St. Göran's hospital) is part of the Nordic region's leading private care group, Capio AB, and is the first emergency hospital in Sweden with a private owner. S:t Görans Sjukhus had around 1,500 employees, 240 beds and a turnover of SEK 800 million in 1999. It has clinics for emergency care, orthopaedics, medicine, surgery, anaesthesia, x-rays, physiology and an in-house service organisation. The Capio Group provides services within healthcare, diagnostics and elderly care within around thirty medical specialist areas. Clients are primarily county councils and municipalities, as well as companies purchasing occupational and healthcare services. At Capio's care units, which have agreements with public sector principals, patients can obtain care on the same terms as within the public healthcare system, and the same patient fees and waiting list regulations apply. Capio's turnover amounts to around SEK 3,300M annually, and the company is listed on the OM Stockholm Stock Exchange O list. 15 December 2000 Capio AB (publ) For more information, please contact: Tomas Philipp, Communications Director, S:t Görans Sjukhus +46 8 58 70 20 49 +46 70 88 77 515 Anne Lindblom, Senior Information and Press Officer, Stockholm County Council +46 8 737 4118 Ulrika Stenson, Vice President Corporate Communications, Capio AB +46 31 77 32 40 04 / +46 70590 07 23 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: