Cardo launches a world’s first

Cardo is today launching the world’s most energy-efficient submersible wastewater pump. The pump belongs to a new range, which with it’s low power consumption is adapted to market demands for reduced energy consumption and less environmental impact in connection with wastewater collection and treatment.

Under the ABS brand, Cardo sells solutions for wastewater collection and treatment applications. The ABS EffeX series of pumps, which is being launched today at an international water and wastewater trade fair, comprises the world’s first submersible pumps with premium-efficiency motors. The pumps also have enhanced hydraulics and reliability. A number of ABS EffeX pumps have already been operating in field trials at various pumping facilities in Europe and have exceeded existing requirements for both reliability and energy consumption, a combination that has been historically difficult to achieve. Along with the EU’s energy reduction requirements, forthcoming legislation in other countries has also been taken into account during the development process. The ABS EffeX will be introduced in Cardo’s various markets in the fall and during 2010. “The need to cut energy consumption is high on the agenda for many operations, and water collection and treatment are no exception. We are the first in the world to introduce a series of submersible pumps using premium-efficiency motors that has been designed taking into account a greatly increased environmental focus and future legislation requirements. I am eagerly looking forward to developments for the ABS EffeX,” says Peter Aru, Cardo’s President and CEO. Malmö, Sweden October 13 2009 Cardo AB (publ)


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Cardo is a world-leading supplier of industrial doors and logistics systems, wastewater treatment systems, process equipment for the pulp and paper industry and garage doors. Operations are pursued in the Group’s divisions: Door & Logistics Solutions, Wastewater Technology Solutions, Pulp & Paper Solutions and Residential Garage Doors. With sales of almost SEK 10 billion and more than 6,000 employees worldwide, Cardo delivers solutions that help to solve some the toughest challenges of our time in the fields of water, transportation and energy. Corporate headquarters are located in Malmö, Sweden.



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