AbSorber launches transplantation crossmatch test in U.S. at conference and strengthens financial position

LinkMed’s portfolio company AbSorber will kick-off the U.S. launch of its transplantation crossmatch test XM-ONE® at the ASHI annual meeting in Toronto. XM-ONE® received FDA registration in August 2008. In preparation for the U.S. launch of XM-ONE®, AbSorber will strengthen its financial position through a new share issue of SEK 8 million in which Olle Olerup the founder and CEO of Olerup SSP will participate.

ASHI, the American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics conference in Toronto October 27-31 is the most important conference for AbSorber’s product on the U.S. market. The conference will mark the kick off the U.S. launch of XM-ONE®, where AbSorber has built up relations with leading transplantation centers. The U.S. is the single most important market for XM-ONE®, representing about one third of the global market in terms of numbers of transplantations.

In conjunction with ASHI, AbSorber will host a symposium with guest lecturers from Johns Hopkins University Hospital and Ohio State Hospital. Both clinics have been involved in the clinical research and testing of XM-ONE®. Targeted transplantation clinics have been invited to the U.S. launch meeting, following which AbSorber’s launch team will visit leading clinics in the U.S. to introduce and set up the product.

In preparation for the U.S. launch AbSorber is strengthening its financial position through a share issue of SEK 8 million in which Olle Olerup, founder and CEO of Olerup SSP will participate. Olle Olerup will also join the Board of AbSorber. Olerup SSP was acquired by LinkMed in July 2008. Koncentra Holding and LinkMed, AbSorber’s two largest owners will also participate in the issue.

About XM-ONE®
XM-ONE® is unique in that it is the first standardized test that can detect antibodies against the cells that line the inside of blood vessels. These endothelial cells are the first point of contact between the transplanted organ and the recipient’s immune system. Anti-endothelial cell antibodies have been shown to play a key role in causing post-transplantation rejections. The study has awakened great scientific interest and several other transplantation centers are interested in conducting their own independent trials with XM-ONE®.

For more information contact:
Anders Karlsson, CEO AbSorber, tel. + 46 70 918 00 10
Ingemar Lagerlöf, CEO LinkMed, tel. +46 8 508 939 93

Also visit www.absorber.se and www.linkmed.se

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