US breakthrough order for Allenex with SBT Resolver™

A leading United States based HLA laboratory has chosen Allenex´s US distribution company Olerup Inc as their partner for the delivery of sequence based HLA tissue typing, SBT. This top tier immunogenetics laboratory has evaluated and validated SBT Resolver™ from the Allenex partner Conexio Genomics. The lab committed to the use of SBT Resolver™, and has already subsequently placed an initial order, which also include the proprietary software Assign-SBT™ 3.6+. Yearly sales are estimated at over two million SEK for 2013.

“This is a breakthrough event and a major step forward regarding our sales of SBT Resolver™ for HLA typing for bone marrow transplants” says Anders Karlsson, CEO of Allenex. ”We are happy and proud to be able to meet the expectations from this top HLA laboratory. Timing wise this is very important since Olerup Inc is currently working intensely with a number of other large US based typing laboratories undergoing a similar evaluation process regarding choice of SBT solutions” he concludes.

Allenex/Olerup Inc has effectively developed a positive US market presence, as it grows its penetration among the 65 HLA laboratories that currently use SBT in the US market. Allenex/Olerup and its partner Conexio Genomics will be the sole source offering Assign-SBT™ software after December 31, 2013. Assign-SBT™ is the most widely used software for SBT typing in the US and the latest version (3.6+) together with future versions will only be offered to HLA laboratories as a part of the SBT Resolver™ product solution.

The decision making process for this type of technology is relatively long, between 6-18 months. An increasing number of US HLA laboratories are now in an advanced stage of evaluating the SBT Resolver™ offering. Ten large US laboratories are close to the end of the validation process, while more than ten labs are in the early stages of evaluating SBT Resolver™. More laboratories have committed to initiate the evaluation and validation process during 2013. Allenex/Olerup believes that several of these will become new customers that will utilize the SBT Resolver™ solution in the United States, thereby providing the potential to positively impact bone marrow transplant outcomes.

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