Hamburg 2024 – Fired up for the Olympics!

Hamburg @MIPIM 2015 | The Hanseatic city showcases its potential and various assets, offering major development opportunities for the years ahead.

Hamburg 2024 – Fired up for the Olympics!
Hosting the Olympic Games and Paralympics in your own country, let alone your own city, is a dream. A dream that could come true for Germany and Hamburg in 2024. The German National Olympic Committee (DOSB) has decided to bid for the 2024 Olympic Games and Paralympics and, possibly, the 2028 games too.

In the city and on the waterfront
In Hamburg, this dream is shared by many, as evidenced by the huge torchlight rally held around the Alster (the lake at the heart of the city) on 20 February 2015, which saw 20,000 people participate. (Find the picture here:©Witters-GmbH.jpg)
An extraordinary turnout for an extraordinary project: Hamburg is desperate to beat Berlin to the candidacy. To do so, Hamburg has a key idea underlying its bid: to hold the games on a compact site in the city centre and on the waterfront (Alster and the Elbe). This would see the old Kleinen Grasbrook dock area, previously closed to the public, turned into a new district complete with park, just a few minutes from the city centre. The majority of venues would be located within ten kilometres of the Olympic park, and many would be within walking distance of the city centre.

3D sustainable development

Hamburg hopes that hosting the Olympic Games and Paralympics will not just be an opportunity for economic growth, but also a catalyst for social and green development.

  • Green because buildings and infrastructure will meet the strictest standards for environmental protection and energy efficiency, while constantly seeking to contain costs. Careful use of natural resources (such as the use of renewable energy and environmentally friendly construction materials), protection from noise pollution and sustainable waste management.
  • Social because the minimum wage will be enforced and working conditions will be fair. After the games, the Olympic village and accommodation for the international media will be turned into 3000 new homes, at least a third of which will be given over to social housing projects. Everything from sports venues, to the Olympic village and transport infrastructure will be designed to ensure access for all. Following the Olympic Games and Paralympics, Hamburg will have set new standards for access to public amenities, both for people with reduced mobility and the able-bodied.
  • Responsible because holding the games will not increase Hamburg's public debt: Germany's constitutional "debt brake" will be strictly applied with, furthermore, a formal commitment that the games will not be funded to the detriment of social or educational budgets, nor through privatisations. For the events, existing infrastructure will be used and modernised. Only five new sports venues will need to be built and these will be re-used after the games.

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