Scribona and Alfaskop in strategic collaboration worth SEK 6 billion.

Scribona and Alfaskop in strategic collaboration worth SEK 6 billion. Alfaskop is to transfer its entire product supply business to Scribona, simplifying and rationalizing sales and distribution of IT products to Alfaskop's customers. This is the gist of a declaration of intent signed by Alfaskop and Scribona Distribution, Scribona's business area for volume distribution of IT products. Alfaskop is now concentrating its business and focusing on becoming a leading supplier of solutions that offer customers more effective IT support. With its market-leading solutions for e-commerce and logistics, Scribona Distribution can assure Alfaskop's customers optimal product availability. The parties intend to sign a final 5-year agreement in the near future. The transaction will provide Alfaskop with a capital infusion. "We chose Scribona as a long-term partner mainly for its leading position in distribution of IT products and the fact that it has by far the market's best solution for e-commerce", says Erik Lautmann, Acting President of Alfaskop AB. Through the collaboration between Alfaskop and Scribona Distribution, including sales of at least SEK 6 billion over a 5-year period, distribution of IT products can be concentrated and streamlined. Rationalization of functions carried out by both parties will generate cost savings in customer service and administration, etc. With its market- leading Web solution as a base, Scribona Distribution will take over all logistics functions from order processing and credit handling to delivery notification and billing. "The collaboration in product supply to our customers is consistent with our strategy to orient Alfaskop as a consulting company. The product offering and objectives are aimed at creating solutions that give companies and their employees greater access to software, systems, networks and information. One example of this is Alfaskop's aggressive focus on ASP services. By combining the benefits of new and existing technology and optimizing availability through effective infrastructure, we will also enhance the competitive strength of our customers", continues Erik Lautmann. "The collaboration with Alfaskop is part of the global paradigmatic shift in distribution of IT products", says Örjan Håkanson, President & CEO of Scribona. "Outsourcing agreements of this type will be increasingly common in the future. They offer a whole new distribution concept, for example as a cost-effective alternative to direct selling manufacturers", adds Håkanson. "The new partnership with Alfaskop will strengthen Scribona Distribution's role as the leading Nordic IT distributor and contribute to higher margins and improved profitability", says Lars Palm, Executive Vice President of Scribona and head of Scribona Distribution. "The added sales will increase our market share and reinforce relations with our suppliers", says Palm. Alfaskop Infrastruktur AB will be wound up during the spring, affecting a total of 30 jobs at Alfaskop. Some of these employees will be offered similar positions at Scribona. "Despite a changed structure for product handling, product sales will continue to be a profitable part of the Group´s operations. With lower handling costs and an infusion of capital, Alfaskop now has capacity to position and develop its operations. Last year's transformation process has given us a structure and organization that supports aggressive ventures", concludes Erik Lautmann. * * * Facts about Alfaskop Alfaskop is a listed IT service company with 660 employees in 18 locations in Sweden. Alfaskop delivers solutions that provide greater access to - and the skills to utilize - software, systems, networks and information, and optimizes availability through effective infrastructure. Operations are conducted in national companies: - Alfaskop Konsult AB - Alfaskop Kompetensutveckling AB - Alfaskop ASP AB - Alfaskop Finans AB Facts about Scribona Scribona is the leading Nordic player in the market for IT products, offering the customers cutting-edge product expertise, the industry's leading e-commerce systems, optimized product availability and a wide range of complementary services. Scribona's operations are organized in three business areas: * Scribona Solutions - value added distribution of IT infrastructure * Scribona Distribution - effective volume distribution of IT products * Scribona Brand Alliance - exclusive agency for leading brands For additional information, please contact: Alfaskop Erik Lautmann, Acting President, mobile: +46-708-41 88 00 Björn Beigler, Chairman, telephone: +46-31-771 38 70 Scribona Örjan Håkanson, President & CEO, telephone: +46-8-734 35 76 Lars Palm, Executive Vice President, telephone: +46-8-734 37 10 This press release is also available at ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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