Scribona consummates the voluntary offer and issues 16.8 million B-shares

Scribona consummates the voluntary offer and issues 16.8 million B- shares Shareholders altogether representing 95.4% of the shares in PC LAN ASA ("PC LAN") have accepted Scribona AB's ("Scribona") voluntary offer to acquire all outstanding shares in PC LAN. In connection with the offer an acquisition notice was sent to the Norwegian Ministry of Industry and Trade. The processing period in connection with the offer elapsed without any remarks from the Norwegian Ministry of Industry and Trade and, consequently, Scribona's acquisition of PC LAN has been approved. All conditions to the offer have therefore been met and Scribona's board of directors has today resolved to consummate the offer. According to the authorisation given to the board of directors by the general meeting on February 28, 2001, Scribona will issue 16,821,980 Scribona B-shares as settlement for the PC LAN shares acquired in connection with the voluntary offer. The new B-shares will be accessible on the new shareholders' VPS accounts (the Norwegian Registry of Securities) within 14 days as of today. Scribona has applied for a secondary listing of its B-shares on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The application is expected to be processed by the board of Oslo Stock Exchange on April 25, 2001. First day of listing for the B- shares is expected to be the day after the shares have been registered on the new shareholders' VPS accounts. By consummating the voluntary offer Scribona has acquired so many shares in PC LAN (95.4% of the shares and the votes) that Scribona is required to set forward a mandatory offer to the other shareholders in PC LAN. Scribona's board of directors today resolved to set forward a mandatory offer to the other shareholders in PC LAN according to the Norwegian Securities Trading Act. The mandatory offer will as soon as practicably possible be made public through an offering circular. In connection with the mandatory offer Scribona's board of directors today also resolved to initiate a compulsory acquisition of the shares owned by the other PC LAN shareholders according to the Norwegian Public Limited Companies Act, § 4-25. The resolution of the compulsory acquisition is expected to be effective on the first day of the mandatory offer period and will be documented in the offering circular for the mandatory offer. Further information will be released through notices on Oslo Stock Exchange's information system in advance of or in connection with the release of the offering circular for the mandatory offer and the compulsory acquisition. Facts about Scribona AB Scribona is the Nordic leader in the market for IT products, offering the customers cutting-edge product expertise, the industry's leading e- commerce systems, optimized product availability and a wide range of complementary services. Scribona's operations are organized in three business areas: § Scribona Solutions - value added distribution of IT infrastructure § Scribona Distribution - effective volume distribution of IT products § Scribona Brand Alliance - exclusive agency for leading brands For further information, please contact: Lennart Svantesson, President and CEO, tel +46-8-734 35 76 Anders Bley, Executive Vice President, tel +46-8-734 35 55 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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