Catena invests SEK 115 million in Malmö and signs lease with Chefs Culinar

Catena has today signed a seven-year lease with Chefs Culinar and is investing more than SEK 115 million in a new logistics building. This will be the third company to establish operations at Logistikposition Sunnanå with a distribution warehouse of approximately 7,600 square metres.

28 February 2018, 2:30 p.m. 

During the spring of 2018, construction of the 7,600 square-metre distribution warehouse will commence on the Sunnanå 12:52 property at Logistikposition Sunnanå in the Municipality of Burlöv, just outside Malmö. The building will include warehouse sections for both imported specialities, as well as chilled and frozen foods. The future tenant, Chefs Culinar, is a one-stop supplier for restaurants, cafés and industrial kitchens with both Swedish and international producers and sub-suppliers. Chefs Culinar is signing a seven-year lease with Catena and the investment is expected to generate an operating surplus of approximately SEK 8 million annually.  

Logistikposition Sunnanå has the best possible location, with a direct exit from main road 11 and just a further 300 metres to the exit from the E6/E20 motorway. Chefs Culinar, which is expected to be able to move into the property by the spring of 2019, will also have opportunities to expand its operations on the property.  

We are pleased to be taking this step, moving into a modern and resource-efficient logistics property, as a stage in establishing our operations in the Swedish market. While maintaining our 100-percent focus on our customers, we are able to combine effective logistics with a wide range of items from both local and global suppliers. The location of the property allows us to maintain flexibility in our customer offering and to support local food production in our sales channels in a highly innovative market. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with Catena,” says Marcus Ahlm at Chefs Culinar. 

“We are pleased to now be able to build for the third company establishing operations at Logistikposition Sunnanå, and this demonstrates how development of what we call ‘last mile distribution’ is very much the current trend. Situated so close to the E6 motorway, the property provides a perfect base for local FMCG logistics. With its initiative in southern Sweden, Chefs Culinar provides Catena with another strong tenant in the FMCG segment and we look forward to a long-term collaboration with the company as a Catena customer,” says Catena Regional Manager in Malmö, Christian Berglund, in a comment. 

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Catena’s mission is to own, effectively manage and pro-actively develop properties in prime locations that offer the potential to generate a steadily growing cash flow and favourable value growth. Catena’s overriding goal, based on its focused orientation, is to give shareholders a favourable long-term total return. As of 31 December 2017, the properties had a total value of SEK 13,131,1 million. Catena AB is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange.

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