Caverion provides a life cycle project worth EUR 31 million in Gellerup in Aarhus, Denmark

Caverion Corporation Investor news, September 4, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. EEST 

Caverion provides a life cycle project worth EUR 31 million in Gellerup in Aarhus, Denmark

Caverion has signed a Managed Life Cycle project contract with general contractor A. Enggaard for a new office building in Aarhus, Denmark. The value of the project for Caverion is EUR 31 million, making it one of the largest public-private partnership (PPP) agreements for Caverion.

Caverion’s part in the PPP includes a Large Project with Total Technical Solutions covering all building systems in the property, followed by a 15-year Managed Services contract.

Caverion’s work will start in 2017. The project delivery will be completed in December 2018, followed by operation and maintenance phase until 2033.

“We look forward to yet another PPP project with Caverion. This is the 8thjoint project between A. Enggaard and Caverion within the past couple of years. We are very pleased with the successful collaboration,” says Anton Hessellund, Project Development Manager, A. Enggaard A/S.

Ensuring optimal energy use

Caverion is responsible for the energy management effectiveness, usability, safety and condition of the property throughout its life cycle. Caverion will design, build, operate and maintain all technical systems and solutions in the property, including technical disciplines such as Heating and Sanitation, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Electricity, Security and Safety and Automation. The property will be connected to Caverion’s remote management service, which will ensure agreed conditions and optimal energy use in the building.

In addition to technical maintenance, Caverion is also responsible for managing other services related to the property through subcontracting, such as canteen, cleaning and winter maintenance.

“We are working with the same client in a similar, big life cycle project in Copenhagen and have been proceeding according to plan. It is great that the client continues to trust our competence. Together these projects demonstrate that we are the leading provider in Denmark of increasingly comprehensive life cycle solutions,” says Knut Gaaserud, Executive Vice President & CEO, division Denmark-Norway of Caverion.

The project is part of public-private cooperation with the Aarhus Municipality and belongs to Caverion’s public sector client segment. The building will bring together 1,000 employees of the Aarhus Municipality. The total area of the property is approximately 20,000 m2.

For more information, please contact: 

Knut Gaaserud, Executive Vice President & CEO, Caverion Division Denmark-Norway,, tel.+47 918 15 318

Michael Kirkegaard, head of Managed Services, Caverion Denmark-Norway, michael.kirkegaard@caverion.comtel.+45 76 23 27 27

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Caverion provides a life cycle project worth EUR 31 million in Gellerup in Aarhus, Denmark
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