How CBC Makes Selling a Structured Settlement Easy

Selling annuity payments is a complicated process that requires professional help. Each state has different laws governing the process, paperwork, and disclosures needed to sell structured settlements and other annuity payments.  In addition, state court approval of the transaction is also required.

If you are thinking about selling your structured settlement or annuity payments, CBC Settlement Funding can help. We are in the business of buying structured settlements and other annuity payments for a lump sum of cash.

Annuity payments can be made for a life insurance policy, retirement account, insurance settlement, or a lawsuit. Regardless of the nature of the claim, CBC’s experts are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to answer questions and update you on the progress of the transaction.

Our professional staff will assist you with all the legal paperwork and court filings necessary to consummate such a transaction. We provide copies of all of the documents as well as information about your court hearing.  CBC will also send out notice to all other interested parties as required by law.

CBC also handles matters related to legal counsel. We take care of all the steps prior to appearing in court, including filing a petition for the matter to be reviewed by a judge. You can also retain your own lawyer or independent professional advisor to assist you with the transaction.

A CBC representative will be with you at the court hearing. Once the annuity payout is approved by final court order settlement cash is typically received within 24-72 hours.

We also offer options for your lump sum payment. We can send out a check to you via Fedex, arrange a wire transfer or provide a debit card with your settlement proceeds. And at every step of the way, a CBC representative is available to explain everything in detail so you understand what is going on.

Our goal is to make your decision to sell your annuity payments as smooth, stress-free and expedient as possible.


About Us

The Covered Bridge Capital (CBC) brand was founded in 2004 with the mission of assisting individuals who are receiving structured settlement payments over time from court awards, insurance settlements, and other types of annuity payouts. Since then, our knowledgeable professionals have helped hundreds of clients to unlock the value of future payments and turn them into immediate cash.


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How CBC Makes Selling a Structured Settlement Easy
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