Structured Settlement and Annuity Law in Washington

Washington structured settlement and annuity law requires the buyer to provide specific information regarding what the seller will get, compared to what they are signing away. Buyers are required to disclose:

  • amounts and due dates of payments proposed for transfer
  • the estimated value of these payments using an established calculation method called “discounted present value”
  • gross and net amounts of up-front cash payments
  • list of any expenses involved in the deal, not including some types of legal fees

Washington Structured Settlement and Annuity Law: Get Independent Professional Advice

Washington also requires buyers to suggest that sellers get outside advice on a sale. Such advice from an independent professional will help ensure that a deal is fair and equitable to all parties, according to the general market for structured settlements and annuities.


Washington courts will assess an application for a structured settlement or annuity sale according to the following criteria:

  • whether the seller has been advised to seek independent professional advice
  • whether the sale is in the seller’s best interests
  • whether the sale will affect any dependents who rely on the seller for support


Many experts recommend contacting a variety of structured settlement and annuity buyers to compare bids and get the best deal. The best buyers will provide competitive offers along with great customer service and professional methods that ensure a sale will get done according to state law.

At CBC, we have a wealth of experience helping clients across the country get the most competitive bids for structured settlement and annuity sales. We give each of our clients one hundred percent of our attention to achieve a successful outcome. Ask us about how we help families get access to their money when they need it through a structured settlement or annuity sale.


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