Using 100% natural, fair-trade, certified organic (ECOCERT & USDA) ingredients, IKOVE skincare preserves your natural beauty and that of the Brazilian rainforest. IKOVE means ‘keep alive’ in Tupi-Guarani, an indigenous South American language, and the luxurious IKOVE Açai Chocolate skincare range does just that! Free from parabens, mineral oil, SLSs and animal ingredients, IKOVE is based on traditional herbalism, healing and rejuvenation remedies. IKOVE also uses native Amazonian ingredients to promote skin health, packed with powerful antioxidants and active botanicals that are ecologically harvested to ensure the highest quality of production and end products. Free from artificial preservatives, IKOVE uses 100% organic rice grain alcohol as a solvent for their plant extracts. No petroleum is added during the manufacturing process (the main cause of alcohol drying out the skin) so with IKOVE’s nutrition-rich range your skin will stay moisturised all day. IKOVE has also developed a structured traceability system, following the life cycle of the certified organic and fair trade plant ingredients to ensure responsibility from field to face. Ingredients include: Açai – Amazonian palm berry, harvested in the Brazilian rain forest without cutting the palm tree down. • Used to help combat premature ageing it holds a high concentration of antioxidants, protein and trace minerals essential to skin regeneration. Açai also contains healthy fatty acids to maintain the skin’s integrity by assisting lipid metabolism and renewal. Cocoa – Extracted from cocoa beans, cocoa butter and liquor. • Cocoa is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E to improve the appearance of the skin by increasing hydration and supporting UV defence. Antioxidant polyphenols also help prevent ageing. Bisabolol – From the candeia tree it holds potent anti-inflammatory properties. • Its high purity levels in IKOVE products help prevent skin ageing naturally. Açai Chocolate Body Polish - A gentle yet effective skin buffer using cocoa butter and babacu oil to hydrate newly revealed skin - £12.95 Açai Chocolate Shampoo - Adds vitality, shine and natural nourishment - £6.49 Açai Chocolate Conditioner - Anti-ageing and nourishing it works especially well on damaged and/or coloured hair. The ultra rich formulation detangles and hydrates using capuacu butter, babacu oil and cocoa butter. Açai and vinegar help revitalise - £6.49 Açai Chocolate Facial Exfoliate - Nutshell-free, this moisturising facial scrub uses herbal ingredients to soothe while removing dead, dull skin cells - £15.50 Açai Chocolate Facial Cleanser and Make-Up Remover - Gently removes impurities while protecting against free radicals - £10.95 Açai Chocolate Face Toner - Packed with antioxidants it refreshes and soothes skin while restoring elasticity and toning pores - £9.95 Açai Chocolate Radiance Moisturizing Cream - Reduces the signs of environmental damage while hydrating - £13.95 Açai Chocolate Age-Resisting Serum - The 100% plant derived concentrate uses nutrition-rich rosehip oil to protect against the negative signs of ageing and environmental damage while nourishing - £18.95 Available from - 01506 848 962 -