CHOCOLATE WEEK (12-18 October)


Is the thought of a whole week dedicated to chocolate a bittersweet temptation? A prospect that will ultimately leave you knee deep in empty chocolate wrappers, wondering at what point did you give in? Well it doesn’t have to be. Chocolate Week (12th-18th October) is an opportunity to indulge yourself and discover how you can get even more enjoyment (…yes it is possible) from chocolate. Studies have shown people find chocolate more passionate and more intense than puckering up to a loved one, but while we love chocolate and we want to enjoy that melt in your mouth feeling for longer we don’t want to pile on the pounds. It’s all about putting it on you rather than in you! Chocolate is sweet, sexy and sensual. Luckily Ikove Acai Chocolate premium skin care can provide you with a gorgeous beauty range that will make you feel just that. The fair-trade skincare range is 100% natural and uses organic ingredients from the Amazon that will leave you feeling like a brazillian goddess. The Acai Chocolate Radiance Moisturizing Cream (£13.95) combines two powerful antioxidants; acai and cocoa, to reduce signs of environmentally damaged skin. We love chocolate and with this gorgeous, luxurious range we can enjoy this feeling over and over again. The range also includes Açai Chocolate Body Polish (£12.95), Age Resisting Serum (£18.95), Facial Cleanser (£10.95), Facial Toner (£9.95) and Facial Exfoliate (£15.50), which will leave you with sumptuous skin all year round. The Acai Chocolate range is available from To get the most out of your chocolate experience, why don’t you set the mood with some gorgeous chocolate scented tea lights? Available from these chocolate fudge brownie temptation tea lights fill your home with a truly mouth-watering fragrance. If you want to extend the sultry aromas of chocolate to your garden there are chocolate scented plants available for your garden all year round. The Cosmos atrosanguineus is available from and have a delicious aroma similar to the best Belgian Chocolates. When Chocolate week comes around you can embrace your passion for chocolate and celebrate the fact you can enjoy chocolate without pilling on the pounds! This is one week where you won’t need to go the gym!