‘Detox’ is the buzzword of the moment – celebrities from Gwyneth Paltrow to Carol Vorderman thank their svelte figures and spotless skin to their detoxified lifestyles. Now The Chiron Clinic on Harley Street is offering an exciting detoxification proposition without starvation, drinking only water or total upheaval of your daily lifestyle.

Chiron Oxygen Assisted Photon Detoxification (Chiron OAPD) provides an exciting opportunity for people to reap the benefits of detoxification without a punishing or often anti-social regime. Chiron OAPD is a non-invasive procedure that works to target and combat the key areas associated with the build up of toxins, improving the removal of waste proteins. Dr. Nyjon Eccles, Founder of The Chiron Clinic, comments that problem areas that cause people to detox – such as acne, bad skin and cellulite arise because: “cells in the lymphatic system can clump together and bond electrically with water to create disease conditions of swelling and abnormal growth.” Chiron OAPD combats these problem areas by using extremely low current, cold gas light photons to transfer frequency patterns to cells in the targeted lymphatic regions – reducing swelling and dispersing the toxic masses that form in the body over time. This rids the body of toxins by separating the cells from each other and improving lymph flow without any pain or invasive treatments. Chiron OAPD has also demonstrated effectiveness for pain relief (shoulder and back and sports injury), skin problems, weight loss, facial rejuvenation and cellulite reduction – making it the truly ultimate detox. Price: £60 per hour Stockist: Chiron Clinic – - 0207 2244 622